6 steps to develop your emotional intelligence which leads to achievement of your goals.
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6 steps to develop your emotional intelligence which leads to achievement of your goals.

Emotional Intelligence

The world is changing very fast. Technology is bringing about a big change more than ever and faster. It is necessary to keep in pace with these changes because if you are left behind, it is very difficult to catch up and join the marathon runners of whom you are a part. Therefore you have to walk on every path which leads to the development of emotional intelligence. Be known that enhancement of the emotional intelligence that you need to face new challenges is a continuous process.
What are the different aspects of emotional intelligence for which we have to tread the respective paths?

Training in self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy with others, social skills and ability to deal with difficult people form essential ingredients with which you can develop your in emotional intelligence to a reasonable degree to meet the challenges of life today.

Training in self-awareness
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Self-awareness enables you to keep yourself grounded. In case you are not self-aware all the time the likelihood is that you will find yourself at a place which you had never visualized. If you lose yourself in the complicated environment that surrounds you, Keeping will be extremely difficult. Self-awareness will keep on reminding you of what you are what you need to do and where you are heading. It will help you to maintain consistency which is true very necessary to bring about the results of your efforts. Self-Awareness empowers you to take right decisions. It will direct your communications so that you do not make mistakes which cannot be eventually corrected.

Training in self-regulation
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Self-regulation is an equally important aspect. Human mind wanders all the time and because of this is likely to make some mistakes in our day to day routine. Practice of self-regulation will lead you to follow the correct path. Self-regulation is also extremely essential for making the best use of time. Time is the most precious resource that we all humans have. But time once lost can never be recouped. Likewise self-regulation will also ensure you to maintain good mental and physical health. Self-regulation will also teach you to be ahead of time in whatever you do. This habit will rid you of the unnecessary stress that most people faced today.

Training in self-motivation

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Keep yourself motivated. There are lots of factors in the environment today that will demotivate you. The challenges that you face in day-to-day life, unkind people around you, the slings and arrows of outrageous situations are only some of the reasons that you will lose your motivation. In fact Procrastination emerges from these factors. And that causes a snowballing effect on your demotivation. Besides if you are not enthusiastic people around you will not like to help in any endeavor of yours. The world today demands collaboration in every small job. Therefore maintaining is not only recommended but also essential. The survival is at stake if people around you try to drag you down which is the most likely possibility if you remain tired and unmotivated. That is why the management gurus lay lot of importance on the ability to motivate the team members. But for development of your own emotional intelligence you have to rely on yourself motivation.

Today is not the time that you can take anybody for granted. In fact there was never a time but somehow with certain positions you could make people dance to your tunes. But it is no longer possible. Expecting any help from others you must be in a position to whats yourself. Study the proposition from their perspective. Your interpersonal skills depend upon how much you can empathize with others. Interpersonal skills are not only important for ability to deal with people around you at your workplace at home or in society at large. Empathy also help you to keep a proper perspective which is necessary. Because if you lose your perspective you are likely to make many mistakes which sometimes cannot be corrected.

Social Skills

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Next importance is the social skills. How you deal with people how you react to people in unexpected situations. You cannot change people but you can definitely change yourself. The unexpected actions of others need not baffle you. In fact as they say you should always expect the unexpected. In such a situation is something which you visualize has happened it is your good luck. One has to be very cautious not to be late away by what others cleverly made direct through. People are only conscious of their selfish motives. This desirable etiquette to deal with people ethically and gracefully is conspicuous by its absence. In the circumstances assertiveness has assumed great importance you have to train yourself to be accepted. What is the set of nice its your ability not to say yes when you want to say no. It is your ability to say no and yet not offend the other person.You should be so tactful with the person to whom you could not help should feel that you are really unable to spite of your all the best intentions.

Dealing with difficult people

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Developing an ability to deal with difficult people is another aspect of emotional intelligence. You are not led away by others due to your emotional weakness.

Weve all been there. Be it work, school or Thanksgiving dinner, weve all found ourselves in situations where we have been forced to interact with people we find to be difficult. For many of us, wed rather eat glass than have to deal with challenging people like this but how we survive and, dare I say thrive, in these situations can separate us from the pack in both business and in life.

Difficult people can take many forms. Difficulty can manifest itself in quite a few ways, oftentimes, including people who spread rumors, who find the negative in everything, those who rarely cooperate, or who dont value the input and opinions of others. They may find every opportunity to create problems or they may simply use passive resistance to waylay your best efforts to move your agenda forward.

At the end of the day, defining difficult is a uniquely personal thing. What is challenging to me may be a breeze for you. Understanding your personality, preferences, and triggers can help you to recognize the types of people and situations that irritate you.

Seek to understand the situation. Gaining some clarity by asking questions while managing your own reactions can serve to help find a mutually satisfactory outcome. Reflecting on what you would determine as a satisfactory outcome before getting into an interaction with a difficult person can help you maintain focus on what really m

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