7 tips to work smarter than harder!

7 tips to work smarter than harder!

Dont say you dont have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein. ― H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The old adage, work smarter, not harder has become a staple in the way I go about work of any kind.

Instead of being robotic in how I approach tasks, I try to be thoughtful and always ask myself if something can be done more efficiently or eliminated altogether.

Managing my time isnt about squeezing as many tasks into my day as possible. Its about simplifying how I work, doing things faster, and relieving stress.

Its about clearing away space in my life to make time for people, play, and rest.

As a professional, you have a responsibility to use your talents wisely and a right to enjoy yourself while doing so. But many people fail to meet that responsibility, and they dont claim their right to take pleasure in their work.

What you do as your profession is something which gives significance to your life. Often you have to start some new project even though you are working in the same job. A new project could mean an altogether new situation. At the same time it may mean developing a new client or creating a new product.

Your professional work also gives a social significance to your life. It is difficult to imagine living life alone. You need people around. And so also they need you. Society gives you a lot and rightfully expects that you must also contribute in return. It must work both ways. Whenever you start something new, it is necessary to thoughtfully consider all the necessary details. Besides, you must generate enough enthusiasm to ensure a good beginning.

As a manager you must, first of all keep yourself motivated and then motivate your team members involved in your work.

Modern manager’s main tool is motivation made to rule. An organization may be big or small motivation always stands a tall. The objective of getting the best, from everyone you lead, is your test. You let their confidence build strong,tolerate their dissent, but never prolong. Discussion with juniors must conclude with welcome decisions or success will. Elude, your core objectives; will give you a tough time, force you to review your own paradigm.

Having motivated yourself and your team, you are equipped to achieve your objective. However, for greater ease and joy while doing your work you must apply mind to improve processes. Applying mind to develop new better processes to achieve your defined objective is the development of technology

Just as technology is upgraded you hope to achieve greater objectives, higher goals the winner, indeed is technology Technology gives you confidence to accept greater challenges. History of human development stands witness to the
victory of technology and let application of mind for improvement become your habit.

In the pursuit to improve and gain more, it is necessary to maintain your perspective at all times. Technology and improvement tools should always be regarded as means to an end your final mission.

1. Be Organized

Have an organized workplace (don’t waste time constantly looking for your work).
Use your appointment calendar for everything, including listing study time.
Use “to do” lists for both long-term and for each day/week.

2. Plan Ahead (Schedule it and it will happen!)

Determine how long your tasks will take (do this before agreeing to take on a task!)

Consider whether any activities can be combined.
Determine if big tasks can be broken down into smaller tasks that may be easier to schedule (such as studying
for exams and visiting the library as part of an assignment to write a term paper).

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3. Prioritize Your Tasks,more importantly schedule your priorities

Use an A-B-C rating system for items on your “to do” lists with A items being highest priority.
Set goals for both the short term and long term as to what you want to accomplish.
Look at all of your “to do”s to gauge the time requirement and whether additional resources will be needed to
accomplish them (if yes, schedule time to obtain those resources). Don’t postpone the small tasks (a sense of
accomplishment is good and overlooked small tasks can become larger tasks.)

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4. Avoid Overload

Include time for rest, relaxation, sleep, eating, exercise, and socializing in your schedule.
Take short breaks during study and work periods.
Don’t put everything off until the last minute (for example, don’t cram for exams).
Learn to say “no” when appropriate and to negotiate better deadlines when appropriate.

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5. Practice Effective Study Techniques

Have an appropriate study environment.
Split large tasks into more manageable tasks.
Read for comprehension, rather than just to get to the end of the chapter.
Be prepared to ask questions as they come up during study, rather than waiting until just before an exam.
Do the most difficult work first, perhaps breaking it up with some easier tasks.
Don’t wait until the last minute to complete your projects.
Read the syllabus as soon as you get it and note all due dates (and “milestone” times) on your calendar.
Be a model student! (be attentive and participative in class, and punctual, prepared, and eager to learn)

6. Be Able to be Flexible

The unexpected happens (sickness, car troubles, etc.); you need to be able to fit it into your schedule.
Know how to rearrange your schedule when necessary (so it doesn’t manage you – you manage it).
Know who to ask for help when needed.

7. Have a Vision (why are you doing all of this?)

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Don’t forget the “big picture” – why are you doing the task – is it important to your long-term personal goals?
Have and follow a personal mission statement (personal and career). (Are your activities ultimately helping
you achieve your goals?)
Know what is important to you. (What do you value most?)
Have a positive attitude!



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