9 components to improve your self-development
Personality development

9 components to improve your self-development

Self Development 

Today’s era is a very competitive one, where only one’s unique qualities can bring you to the topmost category of a successful bunch of people. So, to stand against the crowd one has to work on cultivating those special skills. However, the individuals eagerness and willingness to learn new things always proved boon in the self-development criteria.Self-development can be best understood by examining its components. These are enumerated one by one:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-knowledge
  • Communication
  • Career
  • Self-potential
  • Health physical and psychological
  • Social status
  • Social relations
  • Personality

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Self-awareness is the understanding of where one finds himself. What does he consider as his duty every moment of the day? How is he supposed to utilize each waking moment of his time? What should he say? How and to whom? A high sense of self-awareness is seen in the person who is proactive in thought, alert in mind and body and energetic in action. Such a person stays ahead in every situation.


Self-knowledge flows from self-awareness. Self-knowledge enables a person to truly understand himself his role and contribution to society. Self-knowledge is also a self-appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of the personality and character on an ongoing basis. Self-knowledge is also the knowledge of the inner universe of an individual the knowledge of which is vital to successfully navigate the outer universe.


Communication is the vehicle for building social relations. This was true in the days when technology and the internet did not exist, but it has become even truer today when we are living in a deeply interconnected world.

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Gone are the days when a person could take up a secure career in a government job and work until his retirement doing pretty much the same work. Today, career development has become very important in today’s very fast changing and dynamic world. This implies staying relevant with the changing times by adapting one’s skills and abilities to meet the changing requirements of society and the workplace.


Each one of us has a latent, immense and untapped potential which sadly few of us achieve. The main reason for remaining underachievers is equally to lack of self-belief in our potential as also the knowledge that such a potential even exists. Self-development really starts where we become aware of our immense potential and start taking positive steps to tap it and creatively utilize it.


Health has two aspects physical and psychological. Good health commonly is commonly understood only as a state where the body remains free from ailments. There is a general ignorance about the impact of a healthy mind (free of negative thoughts and emotions) on the physical health of an individual. It is often said a fit mind in a fit body. However, the reverse is equally true a fit mind ensures that the body remains fit and free from many lifestyle diseases.

Social Status:

Development of social status refers to the upward movement of an individual on the social ladder. The craving for a high social status is considered the highest of the famous Manslows personal self-actualization hierarchy. A high social status represents his desire for self-actualization. Maslow describes this level as the desire to accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be.

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Social Relations:

Social relations determine the social status of a person. At the same time, the persons social status also determines his social relations. Development of the ability to develop social relations gives an individual the power to increase his ever-widening circle of social contacts. This, in turn, enhances his power, his prestige, sense of self-worth and most importantly his social status.

Personality :

Personality Development seems to be the buzzword these days. While everyone likes to talk about it, few seem to truly understand. Development of one’s personality is more than adherence to a mere set of guidelines to be followed in terms of do’s and don’ts.

The above-stated aspects of self-development are by no means an exhaustive list of what one must do for oneself. At the same, these are not water tight compartments that need to be looked in isolation. Often the development of a single area can have greater than the proportionate effect in other areas. So what one essentially needs to do it to focus and try to better understand each and consciously inculcate the habit to bring about self-improvements howsoever small for the overall objective of self-development.

Each of these areas will be covered in detail in forthcoming presentations.

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