Attitude Is Everything-Here's How to Keep It Positive
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Attitude Is Everything-Here’s How to Keep It Positive

Life would be a dream if it worked out how its supposed to! Surely its not too much for any of us to expect things could start to go our way for once, right?Wellthere is a way for this to happen and it comes without any strings attached, its completely free because its already inside you.

Got you curious? Its called attitude.

The way that we perceive the things that happen to us, the way we react to lifes hurdles andset backs,and how we cope when curve balls are thrown our way are the major determinants that differentiate successful outcomes from failure.

A positive attitude, a deep held belief that we can take it all in our stride, is one of the most important lessons we can teach our children. Attitude is the most essential of skills and the greatest contributing factor towards success. Understanding the role attitude plays in impacting upon our work, school, and even our relationships is a priceless gift that we can give to our children simply by modelling it in our own life.

Life is never going to be perfect (that isreality, and not the version that is presented to us by mainstream and social medias) however what makes the real difference is the way that we respond, the way we react when less than ideal circumstances present themselves.

Life is a continuous interplay of problems and solutions. Every day comes with some kind of problems small, medium or large. It is our job to find a solution and resolve the same with our required action. Not finding a solution or alternative solutions is the biggest problem which needs to be avoided in any case. It is said that every challenge offers new opportunities. No doubt it does. Then how is it that we are afraid of challenges. Two reasons. Our negative attitude and lack of courage. Then what should we do? How do we change? How should we develop a positive attitude? Certainly there is no quick fix. But the reward of bringing about this change i.e. from negative attitude to cultivating positive one, very well deserves, the efforts that we have to put in. And what are these efforts? How do we go about it? Chisel this change with following measures:

1. Overcome obstacles

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Look for rose flower not the thorns. No doubt the rose plant is full of thorns. If you are afraid about the thorns you may never reach the rose. So focus only on the rose. Be careful about the thorns and get the rose. Rose is your reward. In fact that’s what you want- the rose. But the plant is full of problems. These are challenges. Don’t be scared about challenges and with careful efforts you will surely secure your results.

2. Defeat Procrastination

Procrastination is the bane of life. It doesn’t allow you to go ahead and take action. Procrastination pushes you into laziness and a maze of indecisive thinking. It is the worst enemy of positive attitude. So defeat it. Always believe in yourself.

3. Actively seek positivity

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Anyone has the strengths and weaknesses. Rely on your strengths. Leverage these for productive work. Leverage these for overcoming your weaknesses. Identify the weaknesses and do all what it takes to overcome these. It will raise your self-esteem. It will develop your positive attitude.

Marry the spouse whom you love. Otherwise start loving earnestly whom you marry. Our likes and dislikes are not writings on the wall. They keep on changing like anything else. So you can start loving your job and you must. It will make your attitude positive.

Banish these four negative emotions that ruin your efforts to develop a positive attitude. These are: Indecision, Suspicious, Greed and Credulity. Actually each one of these emotions becomes the reason for tragedy of Shakespearean Heroes as under.

  1. Hamlet was indecisive.
  2. Othello was an embodiment or suspicious.
  3. Macbeth moves to the tragic end because of unending Greed.
  4. King Lear suffered because of credulity. Being credulity leads to people hoodwinking you. This leads to disillusionment & suffering. In turn, it makes you a negative thinker.

4. Avoid fear of rejection

Breed Positive Assumptions about people and about situations. Often times, we do not reach out to people for help because we are afraid of rejection. Never be afraid of rejection. Even if it happens, take it in its stride. Often, you will be surprised that those very people regarding whom you harbored negative assumptions are happy to help you. I read a book which in the preface talked about success- Eleven important principles of success and what are these?

5. Avoid negative influences

Last but not the least. Avoid negative influences. Don’t have company of negative people, don’t read negative literature and don’t watch negative movies. All pleasure seekers end in pain. Those who lure you to undesirable stuff don’t deserve your attention or regard.

Thanks for reading.

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