Body language & Public Speaking workshop
Public Speaking

Body language & Public Speaking workshop

As you walk to the stage and your presence on the stage create the first impression on your audience. So, both must exude elegance. But it is not about stage only. Even when you go to meet your Boss or anyone for that matter, how you approach them is critical. A Public Speaker or the aspiring ones must thoroughly understand this aspect of Public Speaking. Apart from Body Language which will receive special attention in this program, other aspects of Public Speaking like voice quality, speech content and delivery of the speech are also duly covered.

Course Contents

Body Language:

  • Understanding Body Language
  • Importance of Eye Contact
  • How to maintain an Elegant Posture
  • How to maintain a proper Head Position
  • What to do with Arms and what not to do
  • Controlling the Movement of the Legs
  • Body Angle is also important. How to use it effectively.
  • Using Hand gestures to your advantage
  • Understanding Physical Distance and respecting individuals Space
  • Movement of Ears is not easy but their proper use is crucial
  • We must observe our Mouth Movements because others draw inference from these


  • Help raise level of consciousness about body in communication
  • Development of Modulation
  • Control over nervousness/hesitation etc.
  • Refinement in Communication
  • Fluency in speech; and overall clarity in communication.
  • Poise & Confidence in practice

Voice & Speech Training

  • Building better breath control
  • Enhancement of capacity of voice.
  • Effectively using Modulation of Voice
  • Developing cordiality in voice.

Public Speaking Training

  • 2-Minute & 5-Minute presentations
  • Video Recording & Play Back Sessions
  • Preparing a Presentation Developing the Structure
  • Keeping the Presentation on Track focus on important points
  • Including the right content
  • Connecting with the audience
  • Handling Stage Fright

Trainers Feedback:

  • Personal Feedback on performances
  • Counseling & Guidance on areas of individual improvement

Articulation in Communication

  • Handling Q & As effectively
  • Avoiding verbosity – Sticking to the issue
  • Ensuring an appropriate tone of voice in speech
  • Focus on Speaking Sentences

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