Bhagavad Gita

Yam imam puspitam vacham pravadantya vipashcitah Veda-vada-ratah partha nanyad astiti vadinah Kamathmanah svarga-para janma-karma-phala-pradam Kriya-visesa-bahulam bhogaisvarya-gatim prati Bhogaisvarya-prasaktanam tayapahrita-chetasam Vyavasayatmika buddhih samadhau na vidhiyate Arjun, those who are today involved and attached to worldly pleasures; those who only see the results of the efforts and, those who consider heaven alone as the most sought after final destination; these mundane people use artificial and affected language. They are the ones who indulge in hankering after riches, comforts and pleasures and use various means and methods to obtain these. They are absolutely attached with such actions and thoughts and these blemishes overpower their minds. They do notRead More →