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Early morning the news came that rape victim who was flown to Singapore for life saving treatment could not be saved. She died in spite of best efforts of the doctors..in spite of her strong will and desire to live. There are lots of lessons that we all must learn from this tragic event. That as thinking people we must apply our minds and express our opinions wherever possible. We can use social media; we may write letters to the editors of local newspapers; we may discuss among our social groups or wherever it is feasible. The objective should be to involve as many thinkingRead More →

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What makes a good teacher!

The focus on any kind of guided and effective learning starts with the Teacher. Certain attributes such as enthusiasm and a pleasing personality are prerequisites for conducting training programmes that effectively address the needs of the students and ensure maximum learning. However, the most important attribute of a good teacher are his/her communication abilities – particularly the effective use of voice and speech.

A good teacher must be an effective Public Speaker. 

Effective Teacher Training programmes are the need of the hour – after all Teachers shape the future of a country!

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