Modulate your speech or don't speak!

Modulate your speech or don’t speak!

We all speak and it is really important to understand the power of voice- having control over it and knowing how to modulate it. Voice modulation and control is one of the key tools you can use to make your speech a success. If we don’t modulate our speech then it’s better to keep quiet.

Voice modulation is necessary for making your speech interesting. If someone is speaking without modulating his/her voice, they will sound like people who are not concerned whether you listen to them or not Voice modulation makes your listeners listen to you.

What is voice modulation? And how do we imbibe voice modulation techniques in our personality? These and various other aspects of voice modulation form an integral part of our unique voice modulation and public speaking course.

What is Voice Modulation?

First of all, let us understand the meaning of Voice modulation. The dictionary meaning of the word modulation when referred to voice implies, regulating the voice as per requirement of your speech. Thus, you must bring in a change in pace, pause and pitch while speaking. Without modulation, your speech will be flat and monotonous. Further, you must also change the emphasis on the keyword and the tone to improve the efficacy of your speech.


What do we achieve by modulating our speech?

The following 3 objectives are Critical. 1) To enable the listener to understand you fully. 2) To enable you to express your ideas effectively. 3) To ensure that you are not repetitive or verbose. There would be many more benefits of voice modulation, but these 3 must be remembered so that you will always try to bring about a well-modulated speech. During one on one conversation as well as speaking to a group or even speaking in public.

How do we achieve voice modulation in our speech?

Speech is a matter of habit. Habits change very hard. Therefore, unless we use highly effective techniques of voice modulation, the results will be for from satisfactory. Through various innovative modulation exercises, we train our students to learn these techniques. The repetitive process enables the trainees to imbibe voice modulation practice in their day to day speech.

Who should practice Voice Modulation?

The one word answer to the question is Everybody. Because everyone wants to express himself/herself clearly. Everyone wants that people should be impressed by their well-modulated speech. Because everybody wants views. Thus voice modulation is vital for public speakers, those who want to make presentations and all those who want to succeed in influencing people.

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