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Self Motivation

Self motivation is a state of mind which ensures a person is go getter who does not get fazed by challenges and difficulties. Self motivation ensures better focus and goal orientation and is extremely important for individual and organizational productivity. The question is how does one get self-motivated; well here are a few simple suggestions:

1. Define Goals:

  1. Get started:

    The most important aspect of Self Motivation is to get started. A person is normally in a demotivated state when he finds himself stuck and not moving forward. Getting started on the tasks at hand is a way by which a person can get the feeling of self motivation going within him.
  1. Start Small if the project is too big:

    In case a large project is proving too big a challenge to initiate, it is advisable to slice the project into smaller achievable milestones. Having done so, a person should immediately get started with the first mile stone. The feeling of having moved forward will fill you with some motivation to push the project towards the next mile stone.
  1. Start Tiny:

    If taking even small steps is proving to be a challenge, then try taking a baby step forward. It is vitally important that you break the intertie that is keeping you trapped in one place.

2. Accountability:

  1. Remind yourself of why you are doing the task:

    A good way to remain self motivated is to remind yourself the reason why you are doing the task. Such a reminder keeps the cause behind the task in focus and ensures that you dont get distracted by non essential tasks or time wasting activities. With procrastination at bay, you feel a sense of self motivation to complete the job at hand.

3. Motivation from others:

  1. Get motivation from people in your life:

    Count on people in your life to motivate you. This requires you to treat them with respect, listen to the tips they offer and find yourself getting self motivated by the fact you have a support system around you.
  2. Get motivation from people you dont know:

    The great heros, public figures who have achieved extraordinary success, fame or those who have made a difference in the lives of countless others can help get you motivated when you read about their humble beginnings and understand the struggle they had to face.
  3. Find optimism:

    Let optimism be the spark to light the fire of self motivation. Always try to feel optimistic, since optimism proves to be an antidote against demotivation and prevents a person from falling into a hopeless, despondent stage.

4. Background/Environment:

  1. Reduce Daily Distraction:

    Daily Distractions including unnecessary television, newspapers, or the use of internet on non essential things. Reducing distractions means better focus on what is required to be done. With a clearer frame of mind you are sure to be self motivated.
  2. Music find time to listen:

    At times when you feel low, and despondent, the melody of music can bring the rhythm back in your life and make you feel motivated.
  3. Be constructive about failures:

    To sound clichd failures are stepping stones of success. So be constructive about your failures and allow them to act as lessons for self motivation. To remain self motivated an individual must not allow failure to overpower the mind and senses into a state of inaction and inertia.
  4. Declutter your workspace:

    A self motivated person always ensures that there is a place for everything and everything is kept in its proper place. So in case you find your workspace cluttered with unnecessary stuff, clear the clutter and keep only the required things in hand. This ensures increased productivity and efficiency. Self motivation is generally a by-product in this happy situation.
  5. Dont forget the breaks:

    Taking regular breaks from activities that require long periods of attention and focus relieves the monotony and drudgery. It also ensures that an individuals efficiency does not suffer. This is essential for a person to remain motivated.
  6. Do a bit of research before you start:

    Never jump into a project. Do the spade work and ground work before starting. This is often the basic research that will equip you with the right knowledge to make a sound beginning. Well begun they say is half done. You will find yourself self motivated when this happens.
  7. Go out in nature:

    Last but not the least being one with nature taking a weekend break and heading to a place of scenic beauty : be it a beach, a hill station or a forest reserve even for a couple of days will ensure you recharge the batteries and get back the self motivation.

5. Constructive Criticism/Being kind:

  1. Be kind to yourself when you stumble:

    Every one experiences failure. You must not be too hard on yourself when you fail. Often, we are accommodating to the failures of others while be hard taskmasters on ourselves. For remaining self motivated you need to remain balanced.
  2. Be grateful:

    People generally crib and complain about what they lack, but seldom pause and appreciate what they have. Being grateful ensures that you are always appreciate about the good things and good people around you. This always serves as positive self motivation to someone who strives to achieve more.

6. Strategy:

  1. Compare yourself to see how far you have come:

    They say never look back, only look forward. Whenever you do feel like looking back at the life gone by; it should only be for you to see how far you have progressed and what you have achieved. This will give you a quiet sense of self confidence and act as a source of self motivation.
  2. Compete in a friendly way:

    We are today in an age of cut throat competition a rate race as it is better known. Being a fierce competitor can result in serious disappointments when you fail. Try to compete with a positive frame of mind taking disappointments in the stride. You will never feel demotivated.
  3. Mix things up:

    At times a person gets demotivated in case he finds himself stuck in doing a single task. Mixing things up involves having a balanced outlook and moving on with other pending tasks on hand, then finding the self motivation to come back and to finish the job that one finds difficult.
  4. Reduce your to do list to just one:

    Self motivation sometimes requires total dedication and focus on the most important task on hand. When you have several things to be done with a critical task demanding your utmost attention, reduce your to do list to just that one item. Focus all your energies to finish the most pressing task. Your will then find yourself breezing through the remaining tasks in a self motivated manner.
  5. Adjust your goal size:

    Self motivation requires a person to set larger goals. Take bigger challenges and then strive to achieve them. Hence whenever you are finding yourself demotivated shift the goal post wider and push yourself towards the greater challenge place before you.
  6. Look back at your big successes:

    Failures and the accompanying negative thinking often clog a perfectly healthy individuals mind and make him unfit for even the most basic tasks. It is therefore important to continuously remind yourself about the successes in your life in order to stay self motivated.
  7. Reward yourself and celebrate your success:

    Whenever you succeed in a job well done, a project well executed, do not immediately jump onto start or continue the next. Rather reward yourself in some way, and celebrate the success. This will ensure that the memory of the success story serves as a continuous source of self motivation for a long time to come.
  8. Take 2 minute meditation breaks:

    Stress and ceaseless activities can completely drain out a person of his energy and self motivation. It is therefore important that a person relieves the stress through two minute mediation breaks for ensuring that the level of self motivation remains high.

7. Mental/Physical Health:

  1. Exercise:

    A fit mind in a fit body as the saying goes. Regular exercise ensures a physically fit body that can withstand the pressures of demanding schedules and timelines. A job well executed within the time frame gives great self-motivation, which is why exercising and staying fit is so important.
It is each persons duty to himself and the society to maintain high productivity for keeping his place in society. The above simple suggestions can be put into practice on a regular basis for remaining self motivated and productive.
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