Poem of the Day Time
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Poem of the Day Time



Value of time is little known
for times inherent wealth,
scanty respect is shown.

Any other possession; if
we lose.
We can try to get it back
if we choose.

Wealth of time
will never return.
Simple lesson, though
often we dont learn.

For time if lost, is lost forever.
Its same for the stupid, and the clever.
Yet if asked, how much
you value your time
you may find, you care less.
With invaluable time;
should we ever make a mess?

We regret mistakes
committed in the past.
And for futures sake,
worry our tasks.
What about the present?
We seem to forget;
though present is the best time, I bet.

Every moment of time you must use
Achieving anything significant that you may choose.

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