1. The Nobel Laureate

    one chinese philosopher said , never criticize, condemn . if you can’t appreciate , you should not condemn. i truly agree with you , major of the time he visits abroad, he may visited few time only gujarat, how can u say that ?
    I born , bought up in gujarat , but now away from gujarat since last 15 year, and even in villages i found that growth is more than 100 % as compared to cogress ruling.

  2. The Nobel Laureate

    when you can’t work, at least let other people work and dont criticize, let him give one chance,
    i request all people that we should give compare what cogress govt. has done, list all scam , then decide. i respect amratnya sir, but his view is not practical, even we should impose one rule that all politician should retire by 58. so we get young president , not vajpai at least now.

    1. The Nobel Laureate

      Mr. Amartya Sen seems to be in favor of Mr. Rahul Gandhi for prime minister ship (even thought congress has not declared it, but the situation is directed in that way). Irrespective of whoever is declared as a candidate for prime minister ship by congress, the scams and inflation brought within two terms of UPA cannot be ignored. And when it comes to the factor of growth, I think India could have grown more within the past 10 years but rather the growth rate has slacked down from 8 percent to 6 percent (approx.). I don’t understand how can UPA justify it and then start accusing Narrendra Modi for random issues. At present, congress is trying very hard to dig out some scam against Narrendra Modi, but I am afraid to this that congress’s effort of doing so will go in vain, irrespective of the fact whether Narrender Modi wins the election or not. With the terrific personality and good leadership skills, Narrendra Modi can help change India’s situation. Since India is a democratic country and everyone has the right to put forth their opinion, Mr. Amartya Sen is also putting forth his opinion but on baseless, illogical and impractical grounds. Is Mr. Amartya Sen trying to say that there has been tremendous growth in tha past 10 years by the congress? Or he is just against Narrendra Modi due to personal bias ?

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