A unique 2 Day Leadership & Public Speaking intensive Workshop on 17th & 18th Nov 2018

A unique 2 Day Leadership & Public Speaking intensive Workshop on 17th & 18th Nov 2018

A unique 2 Day Leadership & Public Speaking intensive Workshop on 17th & 18th Nov 2018

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Developing interpersonal skills that facilitate communication and manage conflicts. Learning to work with groups to solve problems and accomplish projects. Holding performance discussion for changing behavior and enhanced productivity. Understanding clearly when to manage and when to lead the team. Understanding styles of leadership and assessing ones own leadership behavior. Using effective communications to motivate, coach and to inspire.Framework: Understanding leadership styles and developing acumen to adapt according to the demands of situation. Understanding and developing an ability to align vision with the individual team members for better performance. How to integrate leadership and managerial roles understanding; when to be a leader and when to be a manager. Understanding and distinguishing the different team types. How to explore the principles that make a particular team work. Understanding decision making tools for strategic decisions.


What makes a Great Leader:
Definition of an effective Leader
Traits of a Strong Leader
Leadership Styles
Leading v/s Managing
Effective Delegation:
Understanding each persons capability & capacity
Developing Trust
Non interference after delegation
Team Building:
Characteristics of a good team
Emphasizing the importance of Vision in aligning team performance
Integrating ones leadership and Managerial Goals
Using a Leaders role as motivator and coach
Understanding the principles that make teams work
Employing a work team simulation.


Leader as a Manager of People:Decision Making: Analytical Thinking
7 Steps Decision Making
Taking Fast Decisions
Dealing with Procrastination
Managing Skills: Understanding the Role of a Manager
Enhanced Interpersonal Skills
Ability to Delegate effectively and monitor the progress
Improving the Team efficiency continuously
Getting the best results from people
Minimizing personal stress
Leader as a Facilitator of Organizational Change: Purpose – Set the goal you want to achieve
Plan – Formulate a plan designed to achieve the goal
Action – Implement the plan of action
Feedback – Check the feedback results of the action you are taking
Change – Where the plan is not working change the plan of action
Repeat – Return to step 3 and repeat. Continue until the goal is achieved
Leader as a Motivator: Defining culture, values and mission of the organization.
Motivating team members to align their activities with the mission through story telling techniques.
Developing ability to be active listeners.
Leader as a critical thinking.
Leader as a Strategic Thinker: Dimensions of Strategic Decisions
Characteristics of Strategic Decisions
Types of Decision Making
Conditions for Decision Making
Models of Decision Making

Good Memory & Public Speaking Skills are essential attributes of an effective leader. The workshop will deal with these two aspects of Leadership in-depth. Details are as under:

Public Speaking is a great personality asset as well as a dire need, today. Almost everywhere executives, business owners, leaders, managers and even students have to make presentations of one kind or another. We all know that Public Speaking is not easy. Yet due to its growing importance we have to do whatever it takes to become good speakers. Memory happens to be one of the very important resources for a good public speaker.

Developing & Using Memory:i. Raise level of self-awareness
ii. Focus to complete the job at hand

iii. Mitigate procrastination to achieve better productivity
iv. Help raise level of consciousness about Memory in communication
Developing Public Speaking Skills:i. Overcome the Stage Fright
ii. Clarity in speech
iii. Developing fluency
iv. Developing voice modulation
v. Positive Body Language
vi. Poise and confidence in personality

Voice & Speech Training:

Building better breath control
Enhancement of capacity of voice.
Effectively using Modulation of Voice
Developing cordiality in voice.

Public Speaking Training:

2-Minute & 5-Minute presentations
Video Recording & Play Back Sessions
Preparing a Presentation using Humour Developing the Structure
Keeping the Presentation on Track focus on important points
Including the right content
Connecting with the audience
Handling Stage Fright

Who should attend:

Leaders, Corporate Executives, Business Owners
Public Speakers in any field
Marketers and Sales Executives
N.G.O. Trustees, Professionals
Anyone who is interested in Public Speaking
Students making presentations

How you will benefit?

Know the difference between managing people & leading them.
Manage the team in a seamless fashion.
Effectively motivate your team members.
Enable you to clearly formulate goals for yourself & your team.
Develop a highly committed and performance oriented team.
You will be able to influence people to work together.
You will be able to handle difficult people without stress.


Duration:2 days
Timing:9.00am to 5.30pm
Investment:Rs.9,000/- inclusive of courseware, breakfast, lunch and evening tea.
Venue:197, The Club, D. N. Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai 400053.

Contact: Ms.Lija Raju

Phone No: 022-22810000

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