What is the concept of Stress and how to manage it?

Stress has been called an invisible disease, which not only effects the individual but also the organisation. It should never be ignored.  Learn how to spot your stress warning signals. Do not be afraid at all to talk to the concerned person, the physical as well as emotional well being can be very poorly affected. Routinely working very late also an indication that you remain under stress. If you do not have c5rodial relations with people around, this is also an indication of stress.

Poor sleep or lack of sleep, when you cannot sleep also indicates that you are under stress. It is necessary to observe and note down all the above signals of stress.

What are the causes of stress?

Stress can be due to any one or more reasons:

  1. If you regularly maintain a heavy schedule of work, that will cause stress. You can never do more than one persons job.
  2. If you are under pressure regarding the job, regarding the boss or any other reason such pressure will also lead to some amount of stress.
  3. If you have financial difficulties and you are not able to reduce your expenses according ot your income that could be a cause of stress.

Following are the personality related problems that add to the stress.

  1. Indecision – indecision is the bane of life. There are many people who face this malady which adds to the stress.
  2. Laziness or procrastination may appear to be attractive but at a later time, you will find that they are the biggest creators of the invisible disease stress.
  3. Your futile efforts if they are not aligned with there goals, you tend ot realise there futility and later it becomes a cause of stress.
  4. It is said that you must act and never react. You reactions to a particular situation or a person, betrays the lack of emotions, which constitutes the root cause of stress.
  5. Bad temper or anger and all such negative emotions or thoughts make you very stressful.
  6. Further doubt, suspicion or jumping to the conclusion or being in doubt adds to the stressful life.
  7. Last but not the least, not getting along with the people around you, whether at home, in office or in society leads to stress. With every intertatcion with that person  you feel stressful.

How to deal with this disease – Stress?

You must take the following actions as a matter of habit if you want to lead a stress free life:

  1. Practice Assertiveness: Assertiveness means that you do not say yes, when you want to say no. You should  Discuss the problem, with your colleague, seniors, juniors and develop a consensus. This is very much applicable also for your people at home also.
  2. If you are working for a large organisation in a leader’s rol4e, you need to develop a support system .
  3. As a leader, increase your investment in your  own training in enhancing your skills and even more importantly enhance the skills of your staff.
  4. Always write down our to do list, fix priorities and look at your list, many times a day.
  5. Jot down your stress triggers and also note them down in your jounal, which must be written them daily.
  6. Try to take a break from work or form study after every hour or so.
  7. Do not ignore problem. Acknowledge them as they arise and try to resolve them.
  8. Be productive and do not delay desired action. At the same time do not get into any hasty decisions or actions.
  9. Do not dwell on any of your past mistake and be anxious on the bleak future, you must always perform your duty and focus on the present.
  10. Never lave anything incomplete. Incomplete projects always lead to stress.
  11. You should be active constructively.
  12. Always spend sometime with nature.
  13. Develop yogic breathing which will really help develop a very healthy life.

blog is written by Vikram Kakri.

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