5 habits which don’t allow you gain financial freedom

Everyone wants to gain financial freedom- free from worry of providing finance resource when you stop earning. This is particularly so if you are a working professional. Today, we have examples of financial wizards who have grown to riches starting at the bottom of the ladder. But here we talk about much lesser achievement- just to gain financial freedom. So what is holding you back? There are five major reasons. These are:

  1. Fear
  2. Cynicism
  3. Laziness
  4. Poor habits
  5. Arrogance

1. Fear: What is fear? Why does it come? What are the problems that it may create? These are a few of many questions one may ask to understand the affliction and its implications. These may differ from person to person. But the ultimate problem the fear causes is the same. Fear doesn’t allow you to grow. In fact, it makes your life miserable.
2. The second in my list is Cynicism. A cynic is always skeptical of things other than mathematics. The doubtful nature of the cynic doesn’t allow to trust anyone. What if is the perennial problem the cynic faces? With negative, jaundiced view, a cynic becomes a pessimist. She/he is unable to see the brighter side of things. They become color blind and cannot differentiate the various colors of human life. They say that there is light at the end of the tunnel. But for the cynic the tunnel becomes endless. In these circumstances who can progress in any field. They hold back and blame everyone around for this failure.
3. The third the list is When you don’t feel like working, when your indolence doesn’t allow you to get out of the bed, you are too lazy to think solution of even a minor problem. You know what is to be done. You know how it is to be done. But your sluggishness holds you back. You tend to procrastinate. It is often observed that if you delay action, the significance of the action is lost. Who lose out? You. And why? Only because of laziness. The remedy is discipline. Discipline beats laziness. Simple definition of discipline is doing something which needs to be done even when you don’t like.
4. Next point on my list of reasons of failure is “Poor habits”. Good habits are hard to cultivate, but poor habits come uninvited. And then, like the undesirable guests, they occupy the most of your mind. What are these poor habits? You don’t live up to the need of the situation; when you remain deficient in any action that you take. You do nothing about your inadequacies. You get to know that your performance is below average, yet you do nothing about it. You accept below par action as enough. These don’t provoke you to do any better in spite of the rebuff of your superiors; lack of respect of your time and that of others is another unpardonable habit.
5. And finally, it is Arrogance. Arrogance is equal to Ego plus Ignorance. When you think you know all, you feel, that to know what you don’t know is not important, therefore, can be ignored. Arrogance doesn’t allow you to listen. God has endowed every human with two ears, but only one mouth. I would say that we should listen twice as much as we speak. But arrogance will not allow you to listen and understand others. Therefore, you don’t allow others to speak. Your high headedness breeds more enemies than friends. And you stand to lose everywhere. The aforesaid five problems need to be addressed by everyone who wants to progress.
Your success depends on the following three activities:

  1. Your eye on cash flow
  2. How you manage people
  3. And, how you manage your time

But the above 5 snares will not allow you to perform anyone of above three activities even satisfactorily, much less effectively.
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What makes ‘Public Speaking’ a critical skill today?

Public Speaking has always been a subject of fear. The great speakers were poor speakers at one time. It is a myth that public speaking is a God given talent. The ability has to be developed. One has to work hard. It’s always better to practice under guidance of a competent trainer.
Public speaking is no longer a necessity for only for the political leaders or motivational speakers. The competence in this talent needs to be developed by everyone who wants to progress and who wants to maintain self-esteem. The concept is now extended even to speaking one on one or to a group or to your family members. The underlying qualities required are:

  1. Articulation: It refers to the clarity in speech. One must be in a position to express clearly whatever is there in mind. Syllables can be pronounced correctly only with the adept use of speech organs.
  1. Speech Organs We have 5 speech organs. These are- jaw, tongue, teeth, lips and palate. Wherever some of these are not use adequately, clarity is compromised.
  1. Eye Contact The speaker has to hold the attention of the listener/listeners. This can be achieved by making an eye contact with the audience. You must connect whether you are speaking to one person or to a large audience. Maintaining an eye contact is crucial.
  1. Coordination Between Mind & Speech Human brain thinks 10 times faster than the speech. Coordination between the mind and speech is of prime importance. Often times the speaker is at a loss to find the right word. While speaking it causes fumbles during the speech. This happens due to inadequate coordination. It can be achieved with practice.
  1. No Age Bar It is a fallacy that the talent needs to be developed at an early stage. Age is no bar to develop public speaking talent. Here I would like to relate a recent case study.

One of my students (in his late 60s) said that during his life he never could speak to more than 1 person at a time. A diamond merchant by profession, he retired and handed over the business to his sons. With a desire to give back to the society, he started an NGO. Due to his contacts he was able to gather enough funds. His dedication to the cause enabled him to do good work in his village in Gujarat. Whenever a project would be completed he would face the “biggest problem in his life”. Invariably people would ask him to say few words and that was the “biggest problem”.
Because of the aforesaid compulsion, he was motivated to learn public  speaking after retiring from business. A strong desire enabled him to practice hard. Subsequently he participated in various seminars and now he is an accomplished public speaker.
Life has changed. It is moving extremely fast. Snail mail has been replaced by email. Enthusiastic business leaders want things to happen ‘yesterday’. Telecom revolution and internet has changed the rules of the game so far as communication is concerned.
To be continued…..


When spirits are low
Allowing ignorance to swell
Your actions become slow
And the confusions dwell
In your mind and your soul
Symptoms of sin, this are
Immediately, you must dispel.
But to these negative emotions
And the unwanted situations
You fail to react fast
And allow there to last
You get entangled
Like a spiral bangle.
You cannot came out
Of expanding sin’s clout.

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