Symptoms of Malefic influences of ‘Shani Dev’

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Today, I shall talk to you about what are the indications, according to our scriptures, when malefic influence of Shani Dev appears. How does it affect you and your life? The same are briefly stated as below:

  1. You are leading your life in a normal way. You face usual difficult and you also achieve accomplishment to your hard work and in application of mind. But suddenly you fight some strength negative thoughts of confusion keep on troubling you. You start getting angry with your near and near once often with little or no reason.  Unnecessarily you start arguing on small issues which does not happen to be your normal nature. In some circumstances you need to become alert these comprise symbol Shani Dev malefic influence.
  2.  In a family, the lady of the house shows similar symptoms and you are unable to understand what has gone wrong. Why this sudden change? The lady is not to be blamed. Again, this is another symptom of ‘Shani Disha’. Whether it is man or a lady, the negative emotions like too much envy, jealousy, anger to unbelievable extent, inability to concentrate on any important task- these are also symptoms of Shani Dev’s malefic influence.
  3. At times, the problem manifests itself in some long drown disease.  Hurts from sudden fall, accident and the like and consequent suffering are other indications.
  4. If the spouses find that suddenly their behavior with one another has undergone a drastic change for the worse. It could yet be another indication.
  5. Continuous financial losses which are surprising and unexplained also show Shani’s bad influence.
  6. Sometimes, along with various problems lines on your hands become darkish and so do your nails. This is another indication.
  7.  Yet another Symptom comes in the form- someone in the extended family is attacked by disease or even sudden death. The loss affects you very badly in your personality, conduct and work.

These are indications as explained in our scriptures. As I said in the preceding post, Shani Dev delivers justice to the humanity. He rewards the human beings for their good deeds. Likewise the wrong doing are reprimanded.
tvk1Often suffers are advised to conduct special Pooja to reduce the malefic influence of Lord Shani Dev.

‘Shani Dev in His Chariot’

In Hindu tradition, Lord Shani is considered as chief of all planets. He is considered extremely hostile and full of anger. Those who believe in astrology are afraid of ‘Shani Saad Sati’ or seven and a half years of malefic influence of Shani Dev.
Once Mata Laxmi ( Godess of Wealth) asked Shani Dev, “I grant fortune and wealth to my devotees. But you destroy it. More than wealth you destroy the ‘Peace of Mind’ of the human beings. They are mortally afraid of you. Why do you do that?”
Lord Shani respectfully answered,’ Mateshwari ( Mother), I have been appointed as the ‘Chief Justice’ of Humanity. Just as Yama grants ‘Death’ to human beings, I grant justice to these individuals according to their ‘Karma’ (wrong doings or good deeds). The lord Almighty Bhagwan Shankar has given me the task of evaluating the good and bad deeds of human beings and grant them reward or punishment according to what they deserve. Therefore, I humbly submit to you Mata Laxmi that it is only the lack of understanding on the part of human beings that I am blamed. People are afraid of even my name. I am just performing the duty accorded to me by Lord Shanker ( Mahadev). Further, said Lord Shani, “Some people out of their personal greed and desire to live a luxurious life carry out misdeeds, cause harm to their fellow human beings and engage in other nefarious activities. It is my duty that they are punished accordingly.” Shani dev continued, “but Mata, I also bestow great rewards on those who are engaged in welfare activities of mankind, who reach out to those in difficulties and help them. These great souls receive health, wealth, happy family and all other great pleasures not only in this life but many others that follow.  Mata, it is only as per my judgment they are punished or rewarded.”
 Shani Shinganapur Temple. It is located in the village Shani Singanapur. The village is in Ahmadnagar district of Maharashtra. Devotees from all over the country visit the temple to receive the blessings of Shani Dev. Shingnapur is also famous for the fact that no house in the village has doors. There are only door frames. No theft is ever reported in the village.
In my nest posting, I shall talk about how to identify when lord Shani’s malefic influence starts and also what needs to be done to mitigate the malefic influence of Lord Shani.

How do you manage your Time?

Time Management
Time Management

I had written a poem on time some time back. I repeat some of the lines of the poems to my students to find the message deserving careful consideration. The same lines are repeated:

Value of time is often little known:

For time’s inherent wealth scanty respect is shown.

Any other possession if you happen to lose

you can hope to get it back If you choose.

Wealth of time will never return

Simple lesson though many of us don’t ever learn.

Every moment of time you must use

to achieve anything, you may choose.

 In the changing environment I think Time and its proper use have become critical. Fat salaries for corporate CEO’s require harsher targets for the team to achieve. Undoubtedly, this creates great pressure on him. He tends to lose the simple joys of life like quiet reflection in the morning besides yoga or exercise, spending quality time with his family and pursuing at least one hobby seriously that he loves the most.

The good thing for the CEO is that today he/she cannot be fooled by just sweet words or clever flattery.  Performance appraisal is based on the real time strategic figures which are computed instantly.

Therefore it is necessary for each one of us to do the following:

  1. Prepare the time log
  2.  Work out our priorities each day
  3. Use time planners
  4. Think positively and always put our plan into action.
  5. Each day the tasks can be categorized as under:
  • Group 1: Routine tasks
  • Group 2: Ongoing projects
  • Group 3: Planning and development

Ideally, the maximum time of about 50-60% should be allocated to Group 3 activities. Group 2 activities deserve 25% and Group 1 just 15 %. However in practice we find there we consume 60% of our time in routine jobs, 25% on ongoing projects and just 15% on group 3 i.e. planning and development.

Just give it a serious thought and try to make best use of your time which never comes back. You must spend some quality time with your family.

Ganesh Chaturthi


Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with festivities lasting ten to twelve days every year. The occasion for the celebration of the birth of Lord Ganesh, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati.

Ganesh symbolizes intelligence and application of mind. There are many incidents in Lord Ganesha’s life which symbolize his sharp wit and presence of mind. Among them the most famous of them is his competition with his elder brother Karthikeya.

As the story goes Lord Shiva called both his sons and told them that whomsoever circles the world three times will be given the prize of a magical Mango which was presented to him by Sage Narad. Ganesha realized that his vehicle the mouse, would be of no match against the swift flying peacock of his elder brother. He thought for a moment, smiled and took three circles of his parents. When they asked him why they were circling him, he replied that they were his world, and taking three circles of them was equivalent to circling the world three times. Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati were very pleased and they gave the fruit to Ganesha.


The festival falls in the fourth day of the waxing moon in the Hindu lunar calendar month of Bhadrapad which mostly falls in September according to the English Calendar. While the festival is celebrated all over the country, it is in the Indian State of Maharashtra that the celebrations are specially famous.


In medieval history, the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi can be traced back to the times of the great Maratha King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. However following the decline of the Maratha empire, the festival lost its state patronage. It was the famous freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak who revived this festival as a community celebration and to gather people in his fight against British Rule.

Indeed he has left behind a lasting legacy. Every year the festival gets bigger and more and more people revel in the worship of the Lord and seek his blessings.

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