Critical Steps of Strategic Planning

First of all it is very necessary to understand the concept about what is strategic planning. Any organization has to be governed by an efficient management if the organization has to grow and flourish with time. The plan in which they always set their priorities in respect of their available resources, operations, recruitments, the retention and all the responsibility of the CEO of that particular organization and also the senior executives of that organization to carry out that particular strategic plan.

The plan has to always be monitored efficiently as it always said that a much better implementation of a not so good plan is always better than a very poor implementation of an excellent plan. The very disciplined efforts by all the concerned staff is very imperative in the success of the strategic plan. Always the focus should be on the pursuit of excellence in the productivity of any kind.

Normally a document giving all the details that are prepared so that all the stakeholders of the company take the necessary steps to fulfill the particular plan. The strategic management activities may utilize the internal resources or even they may us the external consultants to ensure the best possible implementation of the particular strategic plan of the organisation. While there are no absolute rules, the management must find out and also establish the series of the best practices to help all concerns with the execution of the plan. Some steps to help the organization in strategic planning management are listed below:

  1. It is  very important to analyse the internal and also the external environment.
  2. Formulation of a system which is developed must always take into account is that it should be aligned with the vision of the particular organization.
  3. All the efforts should be focused on the operation of various aspects of management.
  4. It is very necessary to continuously monitor and also evaluate the performance, culture, communicate, do the data reporting of the organization and use other strategies of the management objectives.

What is Communication and its importance in the life of today!!

What is Communication and its importance in the life of today!!

We are aware that the society has developed only on the basis of the individual who is communicating with each other. So therefore it very useful to understand the fact and the process of communication, the language in which the communication is taking place and the features of the communication process. Along with that we also need to know what the very specific objectives of communication are in specific aspects of communication.

IF we very simply say, the communication would just be only the message which a particular sender would send to a particular person. It is every evident that the message would be created in a particular language which the receiver should always be able to understand. Thus the following process will very adequately express the ideas that you have set above.

  1. Sender always would send a particular message.
  • He / She first creates the message in a particular language, which the receiver will understand> in other words, whatever the sender has to express, he / she has to quote the same thing in a certain language and in such a form that the reader should understand very well what the sender desires to express. The aspects stated in the latter points must be kept in view so that the process of communication is very clear and lucid.
  • The language should be very simple without using very many jargons.
  • The objectives must be to express not to impress other people. Therefore always the message has to be as concise as possible without using any verbosity.
  • The communication has to be a two way process, it must not be a lecture or a speech where the audience just only listens. Further it is asocial activity whose aim is to enhance  the relationship among all the people with whom you communicate.
  • The quality of communication can be assessed by the clarity of the thought of the sender, the language in which the person expresses must express his authority in that field. Of course it must be through a certain channel which are available. Today there are many channels available today which includ3e some like the telephone, social media, broadcast on television, Youtube , etc.
  • The person or the particular group to which the communication is addressed has to give a positive feedback if the message is properly conceived ,very efficiently written and communicated in the best possible channel.

5 Qualities Of A Very Good Product

Any particular product that comes into the market. The product must always solve some important problems; some problems which always the consumers have been facing. There are so many examples in any common household: for example, the Washing Machine solves the problem of manually washing of the clothes. In the kitchen also the food processor makes many strenuous tasks very easy, which earlier was a really very difficult task. While there is no doubt that the particular product must look nice, it must also add to the appeal. However if there is a very beautiful product that is not at all functional, then the product is just a waste.

The particular product must be very reliable. It should not at all crash unexpectedly. It must give the service to the customer to the very extent that is promised by the seller / producer.

Next, the particular product must be very easily used. Any new product which is very complicated and is difficult to use can never be popular even if it has many new and special features. The ease of the consumer should be the number one priority of the producer who Is introducing the new product in the market. Neilson created a usability module. He defined the term usability as to be efficient, easily learning ability of the product’s use; the product must give satisfaction to the consumer, the errors of the product must be minimum if not totally avoided and it must be a very memorable experience for the consumer to use the product.

The next important point is that the product must give a lot of pleasure to its owner. When the emotional stimuli is actually built, with a sense of serious trust, the customer  will always be happy and feel delighted. This is one of the most important factors of making the product very successful.

Finally there should be a need for that new  product.  In other  the product should be very desirable. In other words. If the product must fulfill all of the above requirements  , then it will surely find favor with the customers and will fly out of the shelves with ease.

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The Chain Of Command

The chain of command which is usually given by the CEOs of the organization has to always percolate downwards to all of the people who are concerned. Thus if the CEO will have to give a particular command ,it will have to reach the head of the department will in turn communicate to the supervisor. The supervisor will in turn get the same instructions implemented by suitably advising the workers under them.

The subordinates thus have one superior over them to whom he / she has to report to. There is a  likely chance that the subordinate may respond to different people where he may express the confusion which happens due to many competing priorities of the organisation. It is the responsibility that the organization must always keep in mind the inherent conflicts and will always try to mitigate all of them. The advancement of the technology and also the trend to empower the employees of the organization which makes the process less relevant; yet the chain of command is not at all going to disappear at any particular time soon.

A proper version of a chain of command, which is always aligned to the missions and visions of the organization always removes all the problems which are involved in multiple instructions. A chain of command has to be always designed as per all the structures and the needs of the particular organization. The process of departmentalization always follows the designers even in how to group the particular tasks. There can never be a watertight compartmentalization in each of the tasks, where many of the people have to contribute through various  processes. Besides many other things changing due to the business environments, & the political environment. Such changes always have to be factored in order to ensure the smooth working of the chain of command.

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We have seen that the work specialization always increases the productivity of the particular organization. Because of the process of           specialization the quality of the particular product also improves. Now the next important need for the organization are to create departments which have the job of handling various tasks so that these tasks can be coordinated  seamlessly.

The process of departmentalization happens  on the basis of which jobs are grouped together always play an important role in the manufacturing  sectors and industries particularly.

What are the main aspects which always have to be kept in mind for always creating the departments which can always function logically and effectively. These points are stated below:

  1. Function: The function is always the most important and popular way to group activities together, thus the corporations may have a supply chain function, a finance function, human resources function, etc. The specialization of the worker’s  specialization for those who are grouped together are very effective in working as a team. People with the common skills ar5e always put together are always effective in working as a team. People with the common skills are always put in a common unit.
  • Product – The groups can also be formed when you take in view the particular task for  the particular product. Thus a paper  product’s manufacturers might have a department of his stationery, paper for all other miscellaneous uses and also the tissue paper which can be used for all the sanitary and household chores.
  • The Geography – An organisation’s customers are scattered over a very vast geographical region. The Organization might group together various tasks together like distribution, sales. Be it known the fact that different geographical locations and its habitats may have a difference  in likes and dislikes. But the company may also create separate departments only for the administrative purposes. Thus if the organization operates nation wise, it could create a region in south, west, north and also in eastern areas of the country. So each of these units may be managed by a regional or an area manager.
  • Process:  In a manufacturing organization, normally there are many different processes. Thus in a tube making plant might organize the departments in respect of the casting, pressing, finishing and also packing. Now if there are a number of the products which are manufactured in the organization. This should also be considered while creating the particular departments.
  • The Customers: Finally all activities are carried out the benefit of the customers. Thus the needs, likes and the dislikes, there habits and all other related issues have to be taken into account to create a customer service department. The complaint box and or a drop box can be fixed, so that the customers can provide there feedback in a very confidential manner.

           Depending on the size of the particular organization, the department can be planned and executed accordingly.

Organizational Behavior & The Human Relations:

First Of All let us all consider what is an organizational structure? – First Of all a worker reports to a worker always reports to a supervisor ( if there is one), or the worker reports to the manager. The manager in turn reports to the director, who as per the hierarchy may have to report to the Vice President. Further the Vice President may report to a chief level executive officer like a CEO( chief executive officer) or a chief administrative officer. There may be a small amount of variations in the hierarchy as per the mandatory requirements of the company.

The organizational structure always defines how the task are formally divided, grouped and also coordinated task are formally divided, grouped and also coordinated. Usually the following eleements would always comprise the plan or the following structure:

  1. Work Specialization
  2. Departmentalization
  3. Chain Of Command
  4. Span Of Control
  5. Centralization Or Decentralization
  6. And Finally Formalization.

Each of the elements are described below and the blogs that follow:

  1. Work Specialization – Frederick Winslow Taylor, who did the research about the time and the motion who determined the most efficient ways for all the workers to do all their task. At the same time, Taylor’s one very right way was the birth of the concept of work specialization. With those theories in mind,  henry Ford conceived the idea of his assembly line. He said and I quote, “One best way and viewed the work specialization with an eye for continuous improvement.” The activities are further subdivided into separate jobs as per the workers requirements.

For Example, if put one worker on the task of building an automobile, it will take him a really long time, but if the job is divided into smaller tasks and each task can also be carried by a particular worker. In this particular case, if the worker has to do the same thing again and again then his or her speed will increase. This will give them  more productivity and also there quality will be better. With practice even the quality will be far better. With practice the employees will be able to learn to do their  designated tasks quickly.

In fact most manufacturers have started work specialization or which was also called division of labour as it was found very effective. The task which required better skills would be now separated out and given to various different employees with those skills. Work specialization form the point of view of productivity actually turned out to be a boon. The employees could be easily put to do one specific task. Thus they could assemble highly complex machines much quicker and more easier than a highly trained employee who possessed all the skills does the same task, he would take much longer to do it. The manufacturers fine tune work specialization to increase productivity until the 1960s. It was felt that the particular idea cannot be taken to far. If done so boredom, stress, low productivity and low turnover of employees will prove very expensive. Thus the particular organization would always draw the line to which extent they can go in relation to division of work and its specialization.

NOTE: Please note that the Article will continue where other elements will be properly described.

Understanding The Decision Making Process And Making It a Habit to follow

It is very necessary to use a step by step decision making process so that you have a kind of a template and you do not have to invent the wheel again the again. The following steps that are listed below – the protocols would be actually found very useful.

Step 1: You must identify what you have to decide. Even though you know what you have to generally speak, you must write it down always before in very specific words.

Step 2: Every effective decision always requires you to collect all the necessary information about the various processes which are relevant to the decision that you are to make. It is a very important step that you must be very objective in collecting and also assessing this particular information.

Step 3: As you have to make a particular decision about a problem that you have to solve or you have to decide a course of action, it is a very important thing to note all the various possible alternatives. These alternatives can also be assesses for their efficacy by comparing and note down both there pros and cons.

Step 4: Try to get some important evidence for the various steps that you are following. It should be in the right always direction keeping in mind the big picture or the final outcome that you want to achieve.

Step 5: How to choose the best alternative once you have noted down all the pros and cons of the various alternatives, try to priorities the efforts, effects and also results. In fact this is the extension of the fourth step, but this step is of critical importance. This must be considered as a separate mode of action.

Step 6; Having gone through the process very carefully, you have to take the action very carefully. IT I s no use reaching a decision and not implementing it. Good implementation of a slightly weaker plan is much better than a poor implementation  of a very good plan.

Step 7: It is always necessary to always review the decision and monitor till the finale. The things are changing fast in the business world or even in the personal arena. So agility to respond with the alertness is off critical importance.

Here is what some great people say about decision making:

  1. “Waiting hurts. Forgetting hurts. But not knowing which decision to take can sometimes be the most painful…”
    ― José N. Harris, MI VIDA: A Story of Faith, Hope and Love
  2. “You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.”
    ― Michelle Obama

Business Ethics, Business Principles and Moral Principles:

A true and particular organization will always have the foundation and also will always conform with the legal requirements where the business is operating.  Ethic involve what i8s right and wrong.  But often there are times, ‘The Rights Thing’ is not nearly as straight forward as stated in the business ethics literatures. Often there are times the dilemma arises; that should a person lie to his or her boss?.  There are many experts who believe that a right thing to do is to depend on the situation.

Many philosophers actually consider ethics to be the science of conduct. The Ethics include the fundamental ground rules by which we live our own lives. In fact the philosophers have been discussing for more than 2500 years, that is since the time of Socrates and Plato. However the times have changed; today is often translated to a law regulation or a rule tomorrow. The values which guide how we ought to behave, need to bed defined and also refined.

While there are a certain amount of attributes and qualities that transcend the limits of the time and the space. These are like giving respect to others, showing honesty to others, showing fairness, responsibility, among others.

Now let us consider what is business ethics. Business ethics refers to what is expected of you at the workplace. These consideration can be in regards to the products and services in relationship with the stakeholders. It is very critical during the time of the fundamental change which are faced by the business, both the non profit or the profit making organisations. While the values are taken for granted some of these are often questioned and are diifcult to follow. Thus is is a leading to a serious dilemma to what is the right thing to do.

The times are changing so very fast that any particular organisationin order to survive, it has to change or at least modify its strategy. For Example, the corona pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in the way of life in general and now are able to conduct your business in  a particular situation.

The simple things like do not lie, stick to the truth are no longer valid and they are not going to be followed strictly. The important thing which comes to the fore is that you have to work in the interest of the organization and alsow hen you find  adhering to the ethics of the organization is likely to cause an immense loss to the company. So at that time we must change out tactics and do whatever is in the best interest of the organization.

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Importance Of Strategic Management

What is the concept of Strategic Management?

Strategic management is all about the strategy and also the methods that the managers will actually adopt the methods that the managers will actually adopt and ensure a much better productivity & competitive advantage of the organization’s profitability.

It can also be actually de4fined as a number of decisions and actions which the managers take to align the employees and all their goals with the goals of those particular organizations. This can be actually be achieved by leveraging the strength  of the individual team members and also motivating them to work as a whole team.

Strategic management is actually about planning for dealing with predictable as well as the unexpected contingencies. In the growing competitive markets, alertness of the managers and the ability of managers to modify the strategy is actually very helpful.      Just as a general of an army on the war front, when he notices some very unexpected steps by the enemy, then he quickly adopts the new tactics to defeat the enemies. Likewise corporations make a lot of efforts to beat other in the competition in the similar price bracket.

Strategies are formed according to the various  objectives and also have to be aligned with the vision of the actual vision of the organization. As has been said above, the alertness of the management of what is atking place in the business environment, so far as their of operation is concerned.

Thus the strategic management is a continuous process, where the orgnisation  actually continuous process, where the organization consistently tries to stay ahead of others in the same area of their operation.

Strategic management is both a science and also an art. The Science may provide the logical course of action, but the art of management comes in very handy, while dealing with the employees who are also human beings. Here there is a realization that everyone are an individual and also one size does not fit all.

One of the most important role of strategic management is to incorporate various functional  areas of the organization completely. Further it is very necessary that these functions harmonise and also work as one large team, Keping an eye continuously on the goals and also monitoring the progress is another action that can be taken by the management of the organization to keep their employees very motivated.

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How To Build An Excellent Team

Team Building Is the very important process of turning a particular group of individuals to work together into a very cohesive team in which each one help the other achieve the common goals. The following aspects which are conspicuous in a good thing are as follows:

  1. Each team member represents each other and shares others and shares there common goals and the common expectations. The process of team building includes daily interaction, among the employees when they work together to carry out the requirements of their particular job.
  • The team building process can also involve the structured activities and also the exercises  that are led by team members. The Managers with proper budget and goals which facilitate the teams;  often the external facilitation proves to be very usefui.

 How does team building actually work?

Often  the team building the manager organizes a series of meeting of employees. Here they get to know each other much better. Human research practitioners have to be comfortable leading team building sessions. But team building does not always have to be comfortable leading team building sessions. But the process of team building does not always have to have a have a get together themselves.

 The Ideas for team building activities

The members can visit a nearby park and also spend a few hours together there. They can also have a quality meal together in some restaurant or at least have a pound party. A team with a clear purpose organizes, different people with different golas and also bring out a cohesive whole. It funnels the energy  of team members for the overall goods of the organization.

Following thought process or the point can prove useful for the team building activites .

  1. Clear expectations should be noted down. The method of collaboration and communication may also be designed. Better relationship among members of the team. The essential interpersonal communciationdyanmics are always positive. Clarity of purpose and goals are understood and assimilated by each of the team members.
  2. There are lots of games bot indoor or outdoor whicha re played with the main pupose of team building.
  3. Before you take your employees on a team building mission, you establish a process of follow up and work up integration of follow up and work place integration of the result. This can really prove very effective.
  4. You must also create teams norms, effective interpersonal communications and motivation by the managers can actually proves actually very useful.
  5. You can generate a team building idea which you can actually use in training class, meeting and other events by brainstorming the manager with the chosen two or three employees.
  6. It is always actually a good thing to start with an ice breaking  session. Ice breakers are normally, a set of easy frivolous activities which are normally very humorous and entertaining.

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