Sad News

Early morning the news came that rape victim who was flown to Singapore for life saving treatment could not be saved. She died in spite of best efforts of the spite of her strong will and desire to live.
There are lots of lessons that we all must learn from this tragic event.
That as thinking people we must apply our minds and express our opinions wherever possible. We can use social media; we may write letters to the editors of local newspapers; we may discuss among our social groups or wherever it is feasible. The objective should be to involve as many thinking people to discuss all the issues related to the tragedy.
Since morning most of the news channels are repeatedly showing the news. They know that people at large are glued to their television sets. During these discussions, we find commercial breaks. There are various kinds of advertisements during these breaks. The seriousness of the discussion is lost. The entire programme is reduced to a commercial activity.
The collective wisdom of people at large is far more valuable than the brightest brain in the world when it comes to social issues. So media will do well to consistently involve more and more people discussing the issue rather than focusing on the celebrities. Since the issue relates to common man on the street, the solution will also emerge from the street itself. And it will. What is needed is a consistent and sustained effort to involve more and more people in the process.

Presentation Skills – the need of the hour!

Presentation Skills are the need of the time. Right from the time a candidate appears from a Job Interview to the time he moves up the Corporate Ladder into Senior Management; his requirements to develop and deliver powerful presentations only increases.
The ability to engage the audience, communicate clearly and to ensure that the message is delivered is practice that must be assiduously developed into a habit. This call for a clear decision and positive action. The individual needs to put in the right kind of effort and needs proper guidance and assistance.
Training is extremely important. You need to have the right guide to make you aware about your areas of strengths and shortcomings. Nimble Foundation offers training in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.

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