Persistence paves the way for your progress

Persistence is the fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. Sometimes you may encounter what seem to be an overwhelming odds in your life. The going may be hard, but you have to always note that these are exams which many successful people have taken over and over again.

Persistence allows you to keep taking action even when you don’t feel motivated to do so, and therefore you keep producing results. Yes, there is a direct relationship between persistence and major successes.


As a key element of self-discipline, persistence also provides its own motivation. You become more eager to do something when your actions started showing results. For example when you want to lose weight and start training, you will be more eager when you lost 10kg and your old clothes are fitting loosely.

Persistence is very key in achieving your set goals. Like Brian Tracy said, “the more you persist, the more you believe in yourself, and the more you believe in yourself, the more you persist”. You have to believe that your success is guaranteed and no obstacle will stand your way. Billionaires like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apples & Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook have all dropped out of college but they have still make it big. Edison also made more than ten thousand experiments before he succeeded in making the first talking machine

If there is one word which should stand out in your mind in connection with these people, it is the word PERSISTENCE!

When getting starting on your vision to success, identify your wants and desires. It is when you know the WHY, you can get a source for inspiration and keep yourself motivated. Next, figure out HOW to get what you want. This makes it easier to achieve it. Make your goals actionable daily and follow through. All your goal-setting and planning will go to waste if you won’t be able to develop discipline and good habits. Be confident in your work that you WILL achieve what you want.

Know and accept that there will be obstacles and setbacks; then prepare for them. Nothing important was ever accomplished without adversity, setbacks and difficulties. One of the ways you can prepare for setbacks and obstacles is to anticipate potential problems and have a contingency plan.

If things do not work out the way you hoped, then review the steps you took and the process you followed. Reevaluate by examining what went wrong and where. Be very flexible and experiment to see what techniques and strategies worked best to get where you want to go.

how to be persistent

You may not be good at doing something for the first time but you will get better at it when you keep trying for the second time, third time and so on. With persistence, you will continue to do the same thing over and over again until you achieve complete success. This will make you an expert in whatever task you are doing.

Persistence of action comes from persistence of vision. When you’re super-clear about what you want in such a way that your vision doesn’t change much, you’ll be more consistent — and persistent — in your actions. And that consistency of action will produce consistency of results.

When you work on any big goal, your motivation can wax and wane. Sometimes you’ll feel motivated; sometimes you won’t. But it’s not your motivation that will produce results — it’s your action. The decision to persist. To make progress even when you don’t feel like it.

Persistence allows you to keep taking action even when you don’t feel motivated to do so, and therefore you keep accumulating results.

People who persist no matter the obstacles, sooner or later are bound to succeed. Despite the setbacks, it’s in your best interest to turn obstacles into stepping stones. Don’t choose to complain, or worse, to just give up. These choices do nothing to get you across the finish line.

Persistence in the service of a higher goal calls out many other virtues in you. You will push yourself to beyond what is comfortable to achieve your chosen goal.

And you should know why you want your goal in the first place. And your why must be bigger than the obstacles. The bigger your why the better.

Persistent people have a goal or vision in mind that motivates and drives them. Reaching this goal becomes the focal point of their life and they devote a greater percentage their energies and time toward reaching it.

Reward yourself for persisting. Big goals can take months or even years to achieve. The longer the time it takes to achieve the goal, the more you risk losing motivation. Reward small actions towards bigger goals. That way you are more likely to persist with reaching your bigger goal.

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