What is Communication and its importance in the life of today!!

What is Communication and its importance in the life of today!!

We are aware that the society has developed only on the basis of the individual who is communicating with each other. So therefore it very useful to understand the fact and the process of communication, the language in which the communication is taking place and the features of the communication process. Along with that we also need to know what the very specific objectives of communication are in specific aspects of communication.

IF we very simply say, the communication would just be only the message which a particular sender would send to a particular person. It is every evident that the message would be created in a particular language which the receiver should always be able to understand. Thus the following process will very adequately express the ideas that you have set above.

  1. Sender always would send a particular message.
  • He / She first creates the message in a particular language, which the receiver will understand> in other words, whatever the sender has to express, he / she has to quote the same thing in a certain language and in such a form that the reader should understand very well what the sender desires to express. The aspects stated in the latter points must be kept in view so that the process of communication is very clear and lucid.
  • The language should be very simple without using very many jargons.
  • The objectives must be to express not to impress other people. Therefore always the message has to be as concise as possible without using any verbosity.
  • The communication has to be a two way process, it must not be a lecture or a speech where the audience just only listens. Further it is asocial activity whose aim is to enhance  the relationship among all the people with whom you communicate.
  • The quality of communication can be assessed by the clarity of the thought of the sender, the language in which the person expresses must express his authority in that field. Of course it must be through a certain channel which are available. Today there are many channels available today which includ3e some like the telephone, social media, broadcast on television, Youtube , etc.
  • The person or the particular group to which the communication is addressed has to give a positive feedback if the message is properly conceived ,very efficiently written and communicated in the best possible channel.
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