Symptoms of Malefic influences of ‘Shani Dev’

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Today, I shall talk to you about what are the indications, according to our scriptures, when malefic influence of Shani Dev appears. How does it affect you and your life? The same are briefly stated as below:

  1. You are leading your life in a normal way. You face usual difficult and you also achieve accomplishment to your hard work and in application of mind. But suddenly you fight some strength negative thoughts of confusion keep on troubling you. You start getting angry with your near and near once often with little or no reason.  Unnecessarily you start arguing on small issues which does not happen to be your normal nature. In some circumstances you need to become alert these comprise symbol Shani Dev malefic influence.
  2.  In a family, the lady of the house shows similar symptoms and you are unable to understand what has gone wrong. Why this sudden change? The lady is not to be blamed. Again, this is another symptom of ‘Shani Disha’. Whether it is man or a lady, the negative emotions like too much envy, jealousy, anger to unbelievable extent, inability to concentrate on any important task- these are also symptoms of Shani Dev’s malefic influence.
  3. At times, the problem manifests itself in some long drown disease.  Hurts from sudden fall, accident and the like and consequent suffering are other indications.
  4. If the spouses find that suddenly their behavior with one another has undergone a drastic change for the worse. It could yet be another indication.
  5. Continuous financial losses which are surprising and unexplained also show Shani’s bad influence.
  6. Sometimes, along with various problems lines on your hands become darkish and so do your nails. This is another indication.
  7.  Yet another Symptom comes in the form- someone in the extended family is attacked by disease or even sudden death. The loss affects you very badly in your personality, conduct and work.

These are indications as explained in our scriptures. As I said in the preceding post, Shani Dev delivers justice to the humanity. He rewards the human beings for their good deeds. Likewise the wrong doing are reprimanded.
tvk1Often suffers are advised to conduct special Pooja to reduce the malefic influence of Lord Shani Dev.

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