Four unbeatable Secrets of a Happy Living!

Life has many facets: habits, aspirations, goals, significance etc. It is rare that there has been an artist who was also a good householder and a progressive human being. When I say a good householder, I mean one who facilitates the family in all respects. He not only provides for them materially but also emotionally. This is so, typical for a family man. But when we talk of an individual who doesn’t have a family, they too will have to find out their goals; what they want to do in life by controlling or changing their habits. In these circumstances it is difficult to imagine an artist who is totally devoted to his/her passion for art putting similar emphasis/importance on all the other aspects of life, as said above.
Therefore I think we must understand and practice the ‘Secrets of Happy Living’.

1. Self–awareness  is “an awareness of one’s own personality or individuality”. It is not to be confused with in the sense of quality. While consciousness is being aware of one’s environment and body and lifestyle , self-awareness is the recognition of that awareness. Self-awareness is how an individual consciously knows and understands their own character , feelings,motives, and  desires. There are two broad categories of self-awareness: internal self awareness and external self-awareness.

Self Awareness an individual needs to be conscious of his own body, state of mind including thoughts, actions, ideas, feeling and interaction with others. Besides, self-awareness has to be a continuous process. It’s only then that you can mound your thoughts, actions and relationship with others. Without doubt, this requires a constant review. The process teaches you how to go about finding solutions to the problems.

2. The second secret is setting priorities. It is not only fixing the priorities but also scheduling them according to their relative importance. We must remember that when we schedule a task and provide a time slot, it is not necessary that time allocated will always be found sufficient. Time management is another important aspect to be reviewed from time to time. The discipline that you require for constant follow up requires a logical approach. It should have nothing to do with the moods of the person. When a particular task is not finished as per schedule you need to provide the next slot and abide by it. This protocol alone can bring about the desired results.

3. The third secret is necessary to develop a keen sense of focus. Some example to illustrate focus:

  • Education is the current focus on public debate.
  • They have narrowed the focus of the investigation, to concentrate on younger adults.
  • What is the focus of your report?
  • The baby had become the focus of all her energies.
  • The focus of the inquiry was on faults in the company’s safety procedures.

To my mind doing only one thing at a time is the best approach. As far as possible there should be no interruption. Equally important is your total mind and soul into what you are doing. One has to start living in the present, moment to moment. Deliberate effort may be required for some time but then it becomes your habit and you start navigating your life as if you are flying an airplane.

4. Lastly, the fourth secret is your speech. It is critically important. Play with voice volume, speed, and tone

The ultimate weapon that the speaker holds is his voice. The degree of volume, the pitch of the voice, the varying tones, and the speech are all those assets which can take your speech to the next level. The pitch of the voice can be used for the exhibition of the authority by scaling it up and down. Furthermore, the higher the voice volume, the more authority it demonstrates. These are minor details but have the potential which can completely change the impact of the speech delivered. Therefore, makes sure you make the most of these degree and variations to attain the most of the benefits associated with it.

Because we have to interact with colleagues, family members and the society at large, we must choose our words and use them effectively. Any wrong choice or casual approach towards this very important aspect of human personality can be disastrous. Speech must always be clear; words should be chosen with discretion and spoken effectively. Speech helps to maintain and improve our relations in any environment.

To conclude I would like to say that a successful life in modern times requires us to know and practice these and any other secret that works for us.

Thanks for reading.

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