'Akku & Gabbar'


Ever since I saw these cute Japanese Dogs, I felt that the names given to them were a grave injustice. Both these pretty Dogs live together in New Delhi. They belong to my niece who is also responsible for naming them.

Akku is prettier to look at. Gabbar’s face is totally black. Akku’s eyes are charming. But Gabbar’s eyes are visible only when he is angry. In the gone by era in Punjab elders would express a hot tempered person by saying

Gussa te oudee nakk te baitta rahenda hai”

meaning :

anger always stays on the tip of his/her nose. But Gabbar’s nose is hardly visible. His anger emerges from his deep rooted negative instinct – jealousy. Gabbar is very jealous of his prettier brother Akku. He cannot tolerate if any attention is given to Akku by anyone much less by my niece.

And yet, both love each other. Throughout the day they like to stay together. There are two maid servants in the house. Both Akku and Gabbar are extremely fond of them. The maids feed the pets as their own children. Sometimes my sister or my niece also feed these pretty pets. These are special occasions for them. They show their happiness by rolling on the ground. They jump and they dance. Just to express their joy.

I find there is a lot to learn from these two little animals. Some of the points which come to my mind are as below:

  1. That it is human to be jealous, yet the competitive jealousy should not be carried too far. Like Gabbar, we should forget and move on with our playful life.
  2. They feel upset if no attention is paid to them but only for some time. The moment you look at them, and call they jump on you. So they don’t hold grudges or get mad at you.
  3. They like the maids but they enjoy the company of their owners better. So they observe the propriety.

Thanks for reading.

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