7 Business Etiquette Pitfalls, Managers Must Avoid

Losing Profit risk and Investment danger as a financial and business concept or metaphor facing wealth adversity as a businessman walking on a high wire tight rope shaped as a negative and downward stock market sell graph.

  1. It is often necessary for the manager, to remain silent, and listen. Silence also speaks. And when it does it makes the other person speak out. That is the information manager needs to understand and assimilate.
  1. Never reprimand in public. At times, the manager has to show disapproval of conduct or inadequate performance of his team member. It is his duty. So he needs to express his/her displeasure or annoyance. But this should not be done in presence of other staff members. Always, appreciate in public reprimand in private.
  1. Often time, while reacting to a major mistake or a repetitive one, manager tends to raise voice. Never do that. Instead raise your pitch (the note of the voice) and lower volume. After all the objective is to ensure that blunders are not repeated. It is not to create enemies in your own office.
  1. Though manager must always avoid losing temper. But sometime it may still happen. On such occasions, the manager should never negotiate a deal or any other kind of negotiation; it is best to postpone the same, at least for some time. (ever thought for a while)
  1. The managers should never use their tongue to cause a wound. Human tongue is perhaps the strongest organ which rarely falls sick. And if it happens, the tongue heals very fast. But the wounds it may create in the mind of the listener may never heal. Not even in lifetime, at times.
  1. Never be in a hurry- neither to give any instruction, not to explain to a junior ‘how to do’. Whenever a group perceives that the manager is in an overdrive, they must throttle back. Else, it will send a wrong signal.
  1. It is said that never do business with close relations. There is lot of wisdom in the saying. The business etiquette even forbids mixing friendship in a business communication. It is necessary to avoid influencing in name of friendship on any business deals, negotiations or even in a communication.

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