The Bhagavad Gita Talks 26

The Bhagavad Gita is the ultimate book of knowledge and is duly recognized as such throughout the world. Its wisdom transcends the limits of time and space. I publish daily one message from the book which can be related to our daily life titled: Thought4TheDay
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Thought 4TheDay (27.10.2017)

The world that we live in is, in fact, an illusion. This is transient. Whatever we do with intention of acquiring material objects do give some please, but it is momentary. Besides, it is likely to trigger a desire to secure more. The snowballing effect leads to the formation of greed which is the beginning of the end of peace and happiness.
But the wise with his understanding just acts as a witness to whatever happens. He doesn’t get emotionally involved, so his peace is never at stake.
Thought4TheDay (26.10.2017)

Bhagwan Shree Krishna said, ” For the person who is unable to control his mind, yoga is unachievable, but the person who has controlled his mind can surely progress towards becoming a yogi. He can do it with consistent efforts and constant practice. This is My considered opinion.”
Focus, concentration and discipline are great qualities an individual can, and should acquire. These will eradicate procrastination and distraction which are largely responsible for the wilderness of mind. When the mind is totally uncontrollable, it ultimately brings frustration. Mind can never be controlled by the procrastinators. Procrastination reduces the productivity of the victim disappointedly. Besides, it has a snowballing effect. Self esteem goes down and the person loses all respect for himself. A person who doesn’t respect himself cannot earn respect from others.
One must have specific goals. When we wholeheartedly work to achieve our goals, we start respecting ourselves. It gives us impetus to work harder. We make further progress. That strengthens our will power to persevere. Discipline is the natural outcome outcome of consistent hard work. Discipline enables us to make pursuit of excellence our habit.
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