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The Bhagavad Gita is the ultimate book of knowledge and is duly recognized as such throughout the world. Its wisdom transcends the limits of time and space. I publish daily one message from the book which can be related to our daily life titled: Thought4TheDay
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Thought4TheDay (Nov.1, 2017)
According to The Bhagavad Gita, nothing is more important in life than performing one’s duty wholeheartedly and to the best of your ability. But you cannot do this unless you keep an open mind. What does it mean? It means that you must assume nothing. No negative assumptions in any case. Your positive attitude will give you confidence of your success. But that too can fail. Yet, you need not get hurt, because that is life.
Your understanding of life’s various ways help you to have no expectations and yet do your best, always. As they say, excellence is a habit. Such are the habits of great thinkers, scientists and other seekers.
Thought4TheDay (30.10.2017)
The person who neither eats less,nor eats more; neither sleeps less, nor sleeps more; neither speaks less, nor speaks more; neither becomes too happy, nor becomes too sad; that person has understood how to live life. He has realised that day is followed by night which again is followed by day. The difference is that whereas day and night, summer and winter follow is a destined cycle, of an individual does not display a set cycle of events. They do change but they change in an irregular manner. Unexpected situations do arise and furthermore these may bring about totally unexpected results, sometimes weird. But that is life. And the wise truly understands this.
He, therefore, doesn’t gets attached to the results. Nevertheless, he keeps on performing his duty to the best of his ability.
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