The Bhagavad Gita Talks 38

The Bhagavad Gita is the ultimate book of knowledge and is duly recognized as such throughout the world. Its wisdom transcends the limits of time and space. I publish daily one message from the book which can be related to our daily life titled: Thought4TheDay
These are widely read and highly appreciated by my connections on LinkedIn, friends on Facebook and followers on twitter totally about 27000 people. As recommended by some friends, I am posting the same here. You may ask questions and/or post your comments which be appreciated. Hope you will find the initiative very rewarding.

Thought4TheDay (Dec. 3, 2017)
The Inner Ruler
The Lord is enshrined in the hearts of all.
The Lord is the supreme reality.
Rejoice in him through renunciation.
Covet nothing. All belongs to the Lord.
Thus working may you live a hundred years.
Thus alone can you work in full freedom.
Those who deny the self are born again
Blind to the self, enveloped in darkness,
Utterly devoid of love for the Lord.
The self is one. Ever still, the self is
Swifter than thought, swifter than the senses.
Though motionless, he outruns all pursuit.
Without the self, never could life exist.
The self seems to move, but is ever still.
He seems far away, but is ever still.
He is within all, and he transcends all.
Lord yourself self is nothing but Almighty himself!

Thought4TheDay (Dec. 2, 2017)
Reflections by the great saint- KABIR
The unstruck Bells & Drums
The Lord is in me, the Lord is in you,
as life is there in every seed.
O servant! Put false pride away
And seek for him within you.
A million suns are ablaze with light,
The sea of blue spreads in the sky,
The fever of life is stilled, and all stains
are washed away
When I sit in the midst of that world,
Hark to the unstruck bells and drums!
Take your delight in love!
Rains pour down without water,
and the rivers are streams of light.
One love it is that pervades the whole world;
few there are who know it fully:
They are blind who hope to see it by the light of reason,
that reason which is the cause of separation –
The house of reason is very far away!
Transcendental wisdom by saint rare to find today!
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