The Thought behind Nimble Foundation

Education is the most important aspect of human life. Since the world is changing the concept of education also needs to change accordingly. If we look back at the history of our nation, we will find that there was a time when greater emphasis was laid on education than any other activity.
Our Gurukul system of learning focussed on awakening the mind of each individual student. The system made every student realise and achieve his true goal in life as per his competency and potential. Students were made to think for themselves – the focus was on application of mind rather than learning by rote.
Sadly times changed. The Gurukul system which served our country for several centuries was replaced by the ‘modern’ school system which programmed children to learning by rote. Emphasis was placed on cramming the brain with knowledge, rather than instilling the learning and developing creativity.
NIMBLE stands for National Ideological Movement for Better Literature & Education. The Foundation is making a difference through its programmes in Voice & Speech as well as Communication & Soft Skills & Personality. The focus is on learning and development applying the time tested techniques followed by the Gurukuls in yesteryears.

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