Positive Attitude

What is Attitude? How can we define it? Your attitude is the way you look at thing, situations or persons. The way you perceive these, determine your attitude – positive or negative. Positive attitude will find opportunities in difficulties, facing any kind of situations with courage and a reason and ability to create good redactions even with difficult people.
Conversely, you see difficulties in opportunities, find yourself victim in challenging situation and consider certain people impossible even though they are important to you. These are symptoms of a negative attitude.
Positive attitude is nicely explained in the lines that follow:
Your mission in mind
Desire working strong
once you lose your perspective
many matters go wrong.
Meeting many people
Friends and hidden foes;
keep positive perspective,
Best way to grow.
When your mind
follows intellect,
maintaining cool
and remains kind.
Your senses
Fully controlled
by mind,
There isn’t hatred,
of any kind.
your words
do not betray your
You follow your goals,
Not applause!
When your every
moment is significant.
you don’t waste
Nor hanker for success
In demeaning haste
when you see
Deep darkness and the
Rising sun
Vicissitudes of life
Adds to your fun
When you realize you
are a man much above
the sheer beasts.
When your vision is clear
And, at human goodness,
it feasts.
When you do not remain
Of senses, a slave.
You become free,
knowing that
you are born free.
It is said that life is 20% how you make it, but 80% how you take it. So, positive attitude is not only good for your success, but also for your peace!

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