The Bhagavad Gita Talks 44

The Bhagavad Gita is the ultimate book of knowledge and is duly recognized as such throughout the world. Its wisdom transcends the limits of time and space. I publish daily one message from the book which can be related to our daily life titled: Thought4TheDay
These are widely read and highly appreciated by my connections on LinkedIn, friends on Facebook and followers on twitter totally about 27000 people. As recommended by some friends, I am posting the same here. You may ask questions and/or post your comments which be appreciated. Hope you will find the initiative very rewarding.

Thought4TheDay (Dec. 16, 2017)
Mother of All Things
The universe had a beginning
Called the Mother of All Things.
Once you have found the Mother
You can know her children.
Having known the children.
Hold tightly to the Mother.
Your whole life will be preserved from peril.
Open up the openings,
Multiply your affairs,
Your whole life will become a burden.
Those who see the small are called clear-headed;
Those who hold to gentleness are called strong.
Use the light.
Come home to your true nature.
Don’t cause yourself injury:
This is known as seizing truth.
The stress today is due to people seeing big only and loosing the sight. Mother will never wish that for her children. World is what it is. Ups and downs are intertwined in life. Realistic goals will help to see small, maintain gentleness, and remain in control. And that is your true strength. The Bhagavad Gita also teaches the same among so many other things.

Thought4TheDay (Dec. 15, 2017)
The City of Brahman
In the city of Brahman is a secret dwelling, the lotus of the heart. Within this dwelling is a space, and within that space is the fulfillment of our desires. What is within that space should be longed for and realized.
As great as the infinite space infinite space beyond is the space within the lotus of the heart. Both heaven and earth are contained in that inner space, fire and air, sun and moon, lightning and stars. Whether we know it in this world or know it not, everything is contained in that inner space.
Never fear that old age will invade that city; never fear that this inner treasure of all reality will wither and decay. This knows no age when the body ages; this knows no dying when the body dies. This is the real city of Brahman; this is the self, free from old age, from death and grief, hunger and thirst. In the self all desires are fulfilled.
 Life is a beautiful gift. Once we respect it, we find peace. Since at any time one has to perform his/her duty, there is no time that we will ever feel that life is drudgery. So always be positive!
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