Wani yoga lesson 15

An Interview


Today, I’ll talk to you about how Wani yoga ‘Abhyaas’ can help you in important and difficult situations. In fact, these can be handled quite effectively and faced with ease if we keep the important elements of ‘Wani Yoga’ in mind.

Wani starts with your mind. Its origin is in the brain. Once you have an idea and you want to express; it only then that the physical ‘Wani’ (actual speech) comes into being. So when you have an important interview which can change the course of your life. Your body and brain are not your normal self. There is a certain amount of anxiety. You definitely want to succeed in your mission. These heightened feelings also impact your physical self. You are either restless; or you experience that some strange extraneous factor has sapped you of your normal energy. So, how do you handle either of these uncomfortable situations?

We have seen in our earlier discussions that it is imperative to remain cool and composed when you want to face such situations. So the first step is to remind yourself of this simple principle. Next, you must start taking deep breaths but very smoothly. I mean you may breathe in to the count of 10. And likewise breathe out to the count of 10.

The third step is to deliberately recall some of your successes in the past. These may be miniscule in your perception. But nothing is unimportant. Small achievements only add up to bigger success.

As I repeatedly mention in my postings on Wani Yoga that the content is the king. Therefore there is no alternative to preparation. While you may have thoroughly prepared for your Interview, you must go through the salient points as many times as is convenient.

While doing this remain relaxed. This is only to fortify your preparation and boost your confidence. Then you have to remind yourself about the most important elements of speech. These are: articulation and modulation.

Next time you have an important meeting or an interview or a negotiation for which you are extremely concerned, please try these simple techniques. You will feel far more comfortable and confident.   

Thank you.

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