Men, Matters & Media

Men, Matters & Media
Whenever I go to bed early say at 10.30 pm or so, I get up between 3 to 4 am. Total peace prevails at that time. It is a wonderful time to brood or to write my Blog. After I finish writing, either I reach my computer or watch television – mostly The News. Last night, I watched the T.V. News which had been already telecasted during the day. The most important stories which were being repeated. But it suits me as I do not watch TV otherwise at all.
The fist channel I switched on was covering Sanjay Dutt’s journey from his house to the court to surrender. There was a huge caravan of cars led by the police van for security. I wasn’t really interested, so I switched to another channel. The same story was going on there as well, covered by a different cameraman. I then changed to another news channel. Same story there too. I wanted to skip this story. So, I kept switching different channels. But there was no way; I could escape from the Caravan. I switched off the TV and started to think about the situation.
During the day, I had known that the ongoing agitation of the traders against LBT (a proposed tax in lieu of Octroi) had turned awry. There was lathi charge by the police. Many men were hurt. The ‘Jail Bharo Andolan’ is carried out by these traders. Due to the agitation lakhs of Mumbaikars are affected. But this news found no space. Such an important matter was considered as trivial when compared to the mighty Caravan proceeding to the court!
I was left asking myself – what is happening in our society? Where are we heading? What does the future hold for us?

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