Progress: Individual’s achievement following principle perseverance

Yam imam puspitam vacham pravadantya vipashcitah
Veda-vada-ratah partha nanyad astiti vadinah
Kamathmanah svarga-para janma-karma-phala-pradam
Kriya-visesa-bahulam bhogaisvarya-gatim prati
Bhogaisvarya-prasaktanam tayapahrita-chetasam
Vyavasayatmika buddhih samadhau na vidhiyate
“Arjun, those who are today involved and attached to worldly
pleasures; those who only see the results of the efforts and,
those who consider heaven alone as the most sought after final
destination; these mundane people use artificial and affected
language. They are the ones who indulge in hankering after
riches, comforts and pleasures and use various means and
methods to obtain these. They are absolutely attached with such actions and thoughts
and these blemishes overpower their minds. They do not possess
the decisive power to appreciate God, the Almighty.”

Most of our woes occur due to attachment with the transient worldly possessions. This happens due to lack of proper perspective in life. It can show up also due to envy with peers or others in the same space. The tendency is not to analyze to find out the correct reasons why we are left behind. Or, at times, there could be some inherent personality shortcomings which put a spanner in the wheel of our progress. Yoga of Bhagavd Gita can bring about total transformation in personal perceptions. Meditation on each shaloka can show us the path of true spirituality. The lesson of life that we learn helps to change or attitude to personal progress. Perpetual, persistent efforts to achieve our goals adds a meaning to our life. Progress of our enterprise enhances our self esteem. In a sense the wisdom of the  great book of knowledge teaches us how to live a stress free life and be successful at the same time.

The rat race which is pervading among professionals, students and even among housewives is in fact the culprit. It is sad. But it is the reality which we have to accept and find a way to mitigate the ill effects. It’s totally wrong to think that material progress is not something that we should pursue. Growth of any enterprise depends on how we plan our enterprise. The professional help, focus and consistent efforts are all essential. In fact without perseverance, nothing worthwhile can ever be achieved. But when you are doing this, by no means it may be construed that you are attached to the material possessions and therefore you are making all these efforts. Far from it, it is your contribution to the development in the world. It is your dedication that the humanity at large will be thankful to you. The only caution is that the means should be fair. Intent should never be to progress at the cost of some other human beings The progress of society depends on the success of leaders. Individuals who go an extra mile to do something which eventually.
Read The Bhagavad Gita daily not as a part of your worship but with an objective of removing the personality glitches to achieve peace of mind and live life significantly.
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