We all know that humour has a great significance in life. Unfortunately in this stressful situation humour has totally disappeared. Lack of humour makes life even more stressful. It’s important to find the brighter side of life. It requires a positive attitude and it requires a frame of mind which identifies where are we, where we can smile, where we can help people to smile and feel happy.

In good old days, people used to have late evening get-togethers. Even though they would meet for a short time, but relate interesting anecdotes, jokes and other humorous stories. Literature was the life and elixir of that period. People were fond of reading books. The books have a great value because you can feel proud of your possessions. It is not necessary that you should only read these books from cover to cover. Today, the time is such that attention span has become much shorter than what it used to be. Therefor short stories or short novels are good enough. The big fat books of the old era have almost vanished. We must recognize the importance of such short meetings. We must recognize that reality of a stressful life today really needs such relaxations. Unfortunately, when we are at home instead of spending quality time with family together, there is the tendency to sit in front of the television and watch whatever is available. This is a part of the growth and progress of the 21st-century which is not so good.

But in the present environment having a good sense of humour is not a child’s play; it is not a cakewalk. You have to make efforts. You have to be determined. You have to be consistent and your desire to acquire talent of finding humour in the otherwise mundane life has to be strong. Unfortunately the capitalism or crony capitalism has many disadvantages. In spite of the fact that it is needed for the growth and development of industry in the world. The requirements, the needs, the desire of the people grow every day. So it increases stress.
The channels of communications have become so many that you experience new articles, new products, new places to visit every moment. It is difficult to keep the mind in control and content. Everything is so expensive, so you have to work harder than ever to produce the result. That which is commensurate with your growing demands.

The Internet and its rapid expansion has changed the way, the world lives. Google has created a whole new world. This is like Brave New World of Aldous Huxley. Artificial intelligence will rule the roost. The importance of human being keeps on reducing. The thinking itself is being done, something which was always carried out by the man, now by the machines.

How can we develop a good sense of humour? 

First of all we need to breed a strong desire to see the brighter and lighter side of things. It is necessary to stop being analytical all the time. It is this is choice not to judge people but to understand them. It is necessary to give others an opportunity to express themselves. We must first understand and then be understood.
Unfortunately when we listen to people there is only one objective, to prove them wrong. That is; let the person stop then I will tell him or her where they are wrong. Because I know better. The ego of people has touched the sky. It is the ego which does not allow us to give a chance to others to express themselves. It is felt that if anybody else grows that will mean that we go down. So the best thing is not to allow anybody to become stronger as far as I’m concerned. The boss does not want his junior to do great work best he loses his job or even he becomes less important in the eyes of all those who matter in the company.
These are some of roadblocks which we need to remove and become positive people. And then it will be easy to develop a good sense of humour. Peace and happiness will be collateral advantages.
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6 Steps to developing a good sense of humour.
Humour these days is a vanishing talent. It’s just right that everyone should like to develop a good sense of humour. Benefits are immense, some of these are listed below:

  1. Humour generates respect. When you say something with a good sense of humour, audience doesn’t give their casual attention but tend to listen to you wholeheartedly. Because it is interesting and it lightens their mood.
  2. Humour appeals to the listeners and whatever may be the subject if the same is interspersed with light hearted examples, it is appreciated. Even if the audience is not very receptive for the speech which is being made, the moment humour is introduced effectively the scene changes.
  3. During a speech there could be many references to obscure things. Things which can be difficult to understand. Humour makes these very simple and the complicated issues are resolved. Serious issues may sometimes be interspersed with humorous one-liners. After all we know that even Shakespeare while writing his great tragedies introduced the character known as ‘Shakespearean fool’ who provided the comic relief.
  4. Humour helps audience to remember the points you have made in your speech. These may be arranged in manners which depict a natural flow.
  5. When the tension is running high humour helps to release the tension. It changes the mood and the atmosphere and the issues can be discussed at length without heated arguments.
  6. Humour is also very helpful in defusing the opponent’s ammunition. But humour is not everybody’s cup of tea. People who come to the negotiating table are often induced by their strong desire to win. They expect you to be as hard heating as themselves. Humour surprises them.
  7. Funny though it may seem, humour motivates and it can also inspire the team members. However humour has to be used in a masterly fashion.
  8. Last but not the least humour is helpful in getting you the desire results. While projecting your arguments in a light hearted manner, you are able to keep your objective in view. Discussion takes place in good humour.

Therefore, we must do all we can to develop a good sense of humour. I am giving below 6 simple steps which can help you to develop sense of good humour. Often time’s people think is very difficult; they don’t even try. If the attitude is negative no doubt the problem becomes difficult. In such a situation once you fail, the negativity in your mind is reinforced. So while making efforts to develop a good sense of humour you must be prepared to deal with it as an important project. This should be pursued till completion and surprising there won’t be any end. Like any other talent humour unfolds and evolves.
The following are the six simple steps. I have enumerated these as answers to your possible expression of inability to handle humour.
Step 1. You might say that you can’t do comedy. But you can definitely do if you so desire. In any case you are not carrying out the comedy show. Just as golf is difficult humour appears to be difficult.
Step 2. You may also say that ‘you can’t tell a joke’. Such a feeling in fact lowers your self esteem. Because you find there are, within your circle, lots of people who can tell a joke effectively. You are not telling only jokes but you are using relevant joke to reinforce the points which you have propounded.
Step 3. Further, you might come with an argument that ‘you never remember jokes’. So what? You don’t practice to remember arguments in any negotiation. All that you do is to go through the points relevant to the issues which you want to resolve. Your mind works and you are able to make convincing arguments. Likewise whenever the situation demands your mind will work and put the light on the lighter site of the situation. And that is significant that you know.
Step 4. You might also say that every time you try to be funny you miserably fail. If you have failed during your earlier attempts, no one can change the history. However if you decide not to fail you won’t. The great pianist Victor Borge was once asked by an interviewer if he had played piano all his life. Quick answer was, “certainly not. I am not dead yet.”
Step 5. Humour is powerful. Electricity is also powerful and so is fire or any other source of energy. They all can do harm. Humour in speech when used to bring down the opponent can also be extremely dangerous. About the tongue, it is said that God has made it so strong that it never falls ill. And if it does, it heals itself very fast. But the wounds the tongue creates in the minds of people attacked may not heal in the lifetime. So, one has to be extremely careful in using humour.
Step 6. Lastly, one must accept that humour is not easy. It has to be developed and practiced bit by bit. You have to practice to such an extent that humour starts flowing naturally, and entertains the audience. Regarding the difficulties I might say that if you have to write 10 comic one liners; you may have to first write 200 to bring out the really 10 good ones.
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