Seven Times you Fall Get up Eight!

A Japanese proverb advocates that ‘Seven Times You Fall Get up Eight’. That is resilience. You don’t ever give up. In competitive life, today, setbacks cannot be avoided.  A rubber ball when thrown to the ground, bounces back. But you have to bounce back even higher knowing that repeated falls are inevitable.
Resilience gives you courage not to abort the journey because of problems in the way. Life’s journey in variably has many impediments. Often times these are unexpected ones. Everyday must brings a new beginning. It’s like writing on a clean slate about life. Experience is said to be a unique teacher. You fall, you get up, you are hurt, and yet again you fall but you keep going. Every time you fall and get up there is lesson to learn. Accepting this reality without being mentally disturb  is resilience.
It requires trust in you to maintain this positive attitude. A bird sitting on a branch of tree continues to do so in spite of wind shaking the branch. The bird does not believe that the branch will not fall, but it has faith on its wings. There is no material as resilient as the human spirit. Once we realize and accept this, we are able to take control of our attitude which in turn, strengthens our confidence.
In other words, resilience is how you respond and recover from what has happened to you. Your experience will tell you that it is best not to expect that things will happen the way you want these. Efforts may not bring the result that you desired. But efforts must make our resolve even stronger. Energize you to make your will like a rock that is capable of even facing even more powerful jolts. That is resilience.
Further, challenges only make the life more interesting. Meeting the challenges makes the life more meaningful. Every day gives you an experience, a lesson for the future.
You have to be patient with yourself. Take only one step at a time Step by step you are able to climb the most steep, most difficult mountain. You must repeat to yourself that you alone have the power and responsibility to face your challenges bravely and try to come out as a winner.
Today, we must accept this new reality without being mentally hurt. A person may not be the strongest, but he/she needs to be most adaptable to change. One must always remember that the real strength of a person is known when being strong is the only choice, the only way to survive.

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