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    5 Ways To Become Successful In Life

    Our minds have the ability to convince us that something is impossible long before we give it our best effort. If we’re not careful, we can formulate a mental surrender that says, I cant do this. Ill never make it. Its not possible. Those who let themselves think this way are sure to fail because they stop trying to succeed. How can you make sure that your own mind doesnt get in the way of your dreams? Everyone wants personal success and to learn the keys to success. Everyone wants to have a happy, healthy life, do meaningful work, enjoy a career, and achieve financial independence. Everyone wants to make…

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    Two Short Poems, Today!

    Poems for Peak Personality! Focus Thought words and deeds of a focused man Stimulates action as per plan Unexpected situations Are overcome others are managed Avoided some Define your goals Far and near All your impediments your focus will clear Resolve Should you dare to resolve? Turbulent task or evolve Plan to meet enemy strong Fight a battle that may prolong Develop strong will With best of skill It’s your determination That denotes dedication Which alone culminates Bringing success ultimate Link to this post!

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    Self Motivation

    Self motivation is a state of mind which ensures a person is go getter who does not get fazed by challenges and difficulties. Self motivation ensures better focus and goal orientation and is extremely important for individual and organizational productivity. The question is how does one get self-motivated; well here are a few simple suggestions: 1. Define Goals: Get started: The most important aspect of Self Motivation is to get started. A person is normally in a demotivated state when he finds himself stuck and not moving forward. Getting started on the tasks at hand is a way by which a person can get the feeling of self motivation going…

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    How to Brighten Your Personality to Realise Your Dreams?

    Pages from my forthcoming book, PowerPacked Personality for Your FREE reading! Here are some more pages continued from where we left.. Last week we had talked about the first step to realize your dream is to write down your specific goals. When you become very clear about your goal which will help you to realize your dreams, you have to work out a plan of action for realizing each of your specific goals. Here are some further pages which I hope you will need to understand and make suitable efforts. We have to always remember that anything significant cannot be achieved without consistent hard work. Perseverance is the key to…

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    Self awareness

    This article on Self awareness is the second part of the series which takes you on specific aspects of self development. For those who have missed the first part you can read it here. Self awareness is a relatively unknown facet of self development. Even though hardly talked about is importance can hardly be overemphasized. So what exactly is self-awareness? Self awareness is a sharp realization of ones own personality it is a collective understanding of ones strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, motivations and emotions. Self awareness is very important for anyone who wishes to be in better control of his life and relationships. Self awareness has certain overt manifestations.…

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    How to Brighten Your Personality to Realise Your Dreams?

    Pages from my forthcoming book, PowerPacked Personality for Your FREE reading! In your life, you alone are responsible for your success and status in society. So if you want to realize your dream, the first thing you have to is to describe it vividly. It should be so clear that you can see it closing your eyes. This is like defining where you want to go. Obviously, if you dont know your destination, how will you reach there. That brings us to the most critical question in life which is that of Goals. What are Goals? Anything that we do in life, we spend our precious time and money must…

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    The Bhagavad Gita Talks 45

    The Bhagavad Gita is the ultimate book of knowledge and is duly recognized as such throughout the world. Its wisdom transcends the limits of time and space. I publish daily one message from the book which can be related to our daily life titled: Thought4TheDay These are widely read and highly appreciated by my connections on LinkedIn, friends on Facebook and followers on twitter totally about 27000 people. As recommended by some friends, I am posting the same here. You may ask questions and/or post your comments which be appreciated. Hope you will find the initiative very rewarding. Thought4TheDay (Dec. 19, 2017) fromTHE RIG VEDA God Makes the Rivers to…

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    Attitude & determination

    Determination is the key to implement any worthwhile project. Determination brings consistency in our efforts. It also motivates us to work hard for a task we have undertaken. Determination triggers perseverance which is an almost essential element in achieving significant success. But this indispensable quality of human being depend entirely on their attitude. What is determination? It is the process of becoming resolute, of bringing firmness in your endeavour. Without determination one cannot hold conviction which is essential to convince people. Unless you are determined to follow your path, distractions may attract you attention. You lose focus. In such cases the efficacy of your efforts is bound to suffer. How…

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    11 tearing elements of Negative attitude!

    It is necessary to identify the negativity in your attitude. What is negative attitude? Negative attitude is when you start focusing on the problems that you might face during your efforts to achieve your goals. It is the lack of hope that things will happen to help you out in your mission. It is the feeling that people will not help you because on earlier occasions you met with rejections. Negative attitude is the lack of your conviction that you can overcome the hurdles that you might face during your journey. In a sense, negative attitude is also a lack of belief in you. Some more symptoms of negative attitude…

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    Thoughts are Important

    Thought is a process of using your mind to consider something. Thought can also be a product of that process which may be known as idea. Such a thought or an idea is conscious deliberation but we get many thoughts without our conscious effort. Thus, we may be thinking of certain things at most inopportune times. For example during our prayer, if we are not able to concentrate, certain unhappy, weird or even obscene thoughts may just crop in. At times, it is difficult to control thoughts. It requires constant efforts on the part of our consciousness to meditate on certain topics. When we are totally involved in the process…